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Gift Rap
Ideas from the sublime to the ridiculous, for that most challenging of tasks: buying a gift.
Pardon me, but are these T's the ultimate?

The cartoon characters are from Japanese anime (cartoon) TV shows.  Find them at Octopus Kingdom at 150 Lafayette St. in Manhattan's Chinatown.  The store, below.


Now, feast your eyes on these scarves!  They'd look as great on a piece of furniture as they would around your neck!

By Conchi, these scarves can be
found at Saks Fifth Avenue,
Henri Bendel's, Giorgio of
Beverly Hills, and Oxygen in
Bar Harbor, Florida.

The Moroccan-inspired shoulder
bag below is by Karen Zobe.
Find it at Intermix and Linda
Dresner in Manhattan.



OK, now let's poke around at Hotel Venus at 382 West Broadway in SOHO:

Take that, Mr. Terrorist!  Backpacks with gas masks!

Boas that won't constrict ya!

Hello Kitty scarves for girls and boys!

Furry purses perfect for a let's watch The
Trouble With Tribbles
And finally, perhaps Hotel Venus's I've Died and Gone to Heaven display:


OK, let's get our feet back on the ground.  Here's our beautiful Dierdre:

From Ann Taylor, cashmere V-neck
cardigans, sleeveless shells,
sleeveless turtlenecks
and short sleeve turtlenecks in
bright pink, fuschia, pale baby blue,
mushroom, pale yellow, black, and
apple green (shown above).  Find
them at AT stores nationwide.
And here's another classic idea:
totes!  First, in banana bark:

Then, in sisal mendong:

Both kinds of bags are by Lelya
at Barney's.

Dierdre's rhinestone barrettes are from
Marjory Warren/The Studio at 1225 Madison
Avenue.  And below, Dierdre's earrings of
antique Venetian glass are from Malvina
Solomon at 1201 Lexington Avenue.

Detail below:
And finally, no gift shopper's
library is complete without the
Archie McPhee catalog.
From Archie's, below, just the
thing for the executive in your
life: a monk with cell phone and
That's it for this month!
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