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Love it! Sheer Blonde Spun Gold Shaping and Highlighting Balm by John Frieda. We first heard about this product when Meet Joe Black opened. Supposedly this pomade which has a golden sheen was used to provide Brad Pitt’s already blond hair with even more of a halo glow. So we had to try Sheer Blonde for ourselves. The stuff is great--whether you style your hair straight or curly, it gives your color oomph. And you don’t have to be blond blond, Sheer Blonde will work on red blond, dark golden blond, variations of blond. We also like it because it helps our highlights look bright from salon visit to salon visit. Go out and get yourself some and have fun. John Frieda has an entire Sheer Blonde product line: Highlighting Activating Shampoo, Instant Conditioner and Highlight Enhancer, Blonde Ambition Dual Action Mousse, and Golden Opportunity Glossing and Grooming Creme. Hmmm, these products sound tempting too. Available a major drugstore chains.


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