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"See, where she comes apparell'd like the spring"

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our just-sprouted Internet fashion magazine, Fashion Finds. April is our premiere issue, and we hope you will enjoy reading our "newborn" magazine as much as we are enjoying bringing it to you.

Think of us as a combination of Vogue and Vanity Fair. We believe you'll find each article and interview to be thoughtful and insightful.  Our aim is to bring you a unique take on the arts of fashion and style, now and in the past, in daily life and in the cinema and television.

What's new for Spring? I've got a feeling that gingham (pink, red, blue, yellow, green, lilac) is coming back, and I think it's about time--gingham is fresh and cheerful, neat and crisp. I'm also seeing a lot of cute peasant shirts, skirts and dresses, and variations on that theme--at Miu Miu in SOHO, by Ghost, Anna Sui (more SOHO), by Morgan, and in the Anthropologie (also in SOHO) catalog,, and at Ann Taylor nationwide.

A.P.C. (SOHO, too) has a variety of cute items for spring: two-tone T-shirts, beige or white chinos, cropped worker's trousers, casual sandals, and a cool pair of drawstring (but with an elastic waist for better fit) pants in indigo:

And, if you're tired of khaki pants with a white shirt or T-shirt, but still like its clean look, why not reverse it? Khaki shirt and white pants? Banana Republic has nice khaki shades of stretch cotton button down shirts, and white trousers can be found many places: Darryl K., Levi's Store, APC (mentioned above), Banana Republic, the Gap--depending on what style you like, your fit, and price range. Add a vintage bracelet, maybe bakelite for fun.

Straw, both lacquered and natural, bamboo, wood, natural tweed, banana bark, very texture-y natural materials and fibers in organic shades, are popular for accessories, and they look real nice. I saw some lovely totes by a designer called Lelya, look for them at Barney's (and in our Gift Rap department). I also found an adorable picnic basket purse made from lacquered straw for $28 at Magic Windows in Manhattan (there was an adorable miniature tea set inside which I removed and will save for when The Borrowers come over for a cup). You never know where you might find something. China Silk and Handicrafts in Chinatown, New York has cute inexpensive straw and crocheted handbags (and lots of other great stuff too).

I'd love to see spring, and for that matter summer, become more formal again. Why not pick up some light colored, white, or bone gloves? How about a cute hat like the ones Jacqueline Lamont designs (she's featured in this month's issue)? There are some nice retro Minnie Mouse shoes at John Fluevog, kind of Forties-ish, red, white and black with contrasting trim.  Fluevog's also got some Forties mules, ankle-strapped sandals, and closed-toe slingbacks in nice pastel shades. Pastels will be back for spring.

I love Todd Thomas' (in this issue too) mid-calf length, fitted, strait, red with white polka dot skirt, with a back slit. I love all of Todd's things, but I'm a sucker for polka dots, and am delighted to see them reappearing. I hope to see us all go a little bit fancier, but with some edge and wit.

As far as make-up goes, let's get braver and wear more of it! I like the eye and lip quads in interesting pastelish shades by Chanel, and Estee Lauder is doing some cool stuff--pastels and really nice "petunia pinks," and especially exciting are false eyelashes in pink, blue, red and green, and eyeliners and mascaras in those colors. Christian Dior is doing eye mascaras in lots of different colors, too. Other companies are doing similar things, so it's time to investigate and go for it!!

Well, I've waxed poetic way too long. As we were preparing this first issue, an overall theme emerged:  All the people you'll be reading about, from Todd Thomas to Laurie Drew and Peta Wilson, to the genius couturier Jacques Fath and film director Michael Powell, to Jacqueline Lamont--all of them people marching to the beat of their own drum.   And that's what we at Fashion Finds do too.

Please read all our features and visit all our departments, please join our discussion group, and feel free to write. We want to hear from you!

Have a wonderfully apparell'd month,

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