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Written and illustrated by Kathryn Martinez
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Greetings, Fashion Finds fans! Seems like spring fever has set in. With symptoms that range from feverish hues to rashly treated fabrics, there is an overall breakout of joy and fun that is really great to see. Here are a few items that I've chosen, so read on and enjoy!
Our first pick is a tank top that is 100% cotton posing as silk. That is, the fabric seems to have been treated with some kind of coating, giving it a texture that is very much like silk. Its neckline is embroidered with red and pink flowers and green leaves. $58.00

I've been spotting quite a few items inspired by film costumes. For example, this black, knee-length A-line 100% silk skirt, I chose for its Audrey Hepburn quality. Go ahead --  add a touch of Hollywood glamour to everyday life. $88.00.
Next, we've got a yellowy beige sweater that borders between grandma and girlie. Made of half cotton and half linen, there are enough holes in the pattern to reveal whatever you've got on underneath, and hook-eye closures add an unadorned, minimalist edge. $78.00.
The next pick is a very cool outerwear alternative to the spring barrage of denim jackets. This beige linen jacket has a polyurethane coating which makes it look like leather. It's got metal snap closures, which allow for embroidered asterisks instead of buttons running down the front. $128.00.
I have been known to carry a huge bag filled with all sorts of crap everywhere I go. Ann Taylor's little purse made of woven dark brown leather is the perfect motivation to kick my big-bag habit. It has a metal snap closure, a long reed-like strap made of leather, and just enough room for essentials. It'll be a struggle, but I'm willing to try it...I know my back will thank me for it. $48.00.
First up at the Gap, a soft and stretchy short sleeved t-shirt made of mostly rayon with a dollop of spandex for good measure. It has a little lacy trim around the neckline, and comes in black, white, yellow, gray, or in two flower patterns. $28.00

I've paired it with a comfy sweat-skirt, that is, a skirt made of sweatpant material. It's supple, made of mostly cotton, but has some polyester and spandex mixed in to help ward of possible threats of the dreaded knee indentation -- you know those irritating bulges at the knee that form when you sit down for more than 10 minutes while wearing sweatpants made of just cotton. Available in either gray or navy. $28.00.
Next, we've got a mid-thigh length rain jacket that's great for the rainy days, the windy days, and all the days between now and summer. It's also dressy enough to wear to work or nights out. It's available in black or blue-gray, and costs $88.00.

Maria! I once knew a girl named Maria...and she wore REALLY bright capri pants to the dance at the gym. These Technicolor shades of denim are pretty tricky to pull off, unless of course you have vast training in musical theater and have an enviable ability to break into song and execute a well-rehearsed Jerome Robbins dance routine with a group of your friends. So be forewarned: although these highly dramatic shades of capris are lovely and pretty, take care, because when you're a fashion victim, you're a fashion victim all the way! Available in red, orange, yellow, fuschia, blue, aqua, khaki, white, black. $42.00.
The last Gap pick is a very simple black dress -- a contrast to all the bright colors and flowered patterns around town. Could it be that black is the new black again? It's got little cap sleeves and ties at the waist for a neat 1950's silhouette, although the fabric (which is 65% rayon and 35% polyester) gives it a modernizing disco draping effect that's quite groovy. $58.00.
First up from Banana Republic is a loosely knitted, hooded sweatshirt, spun from linen and a little nylon. It is refreshingly unrefined, like cobwebs or cotton candy, and is great for layering with bright, solid colored tops underneath. It also has hook-eye closures, mainly, I suppose, out of sheer necessity -- the knit is way too loose and delicate to hold a button down. Available in pink, black, or gray. $78.00.

Next we have what I call the swervy skirt, an army-green knee length skirt that has a seam swerving across the front and down the side -- slick! The zipper is on the side and on the back are two tiny slit pockets. The fabric is 98% cotton with 2% lycra, and has a slight paper-like texture. $78.00.

This 100% raw silk v-neck top is undeniably flirty -- soft, raw, clingy, and available in sophisticated shades that hover somewhere between pastel and primary, like salmon pink, cream, and blue-gray, or in gray and black. $68.00

Now, this 98% cotton -- 2% lycra short skirt is great choice for those of you who like to wear short skirts. Wanna know why? Because it's got shorts attached to it, thus removing the burden of being extra careful when you cross your legs or bend over to tie your liberating! The front panel is wrapped and affixed with snazzy velcro squares, concealing the shorts. Also, there is a handy pocket attached to the front panel with a vertical zipper. Available in khaki or army green. $68.00.
Do you remember that part in The Sound of Music where Julie Andrews takes the old curtains from her bedroom and makes play clothes out of them for the Von Trapp children? Well, I feel like this Banana Republic dress has a similar thing going on. It's made of that paper-y army green material and is cut kind of boxy and crude, like a simple homemade dress except with these gathered, horizontal seams on the sides that create these artsy folds and crinkles that give it shape, spunk and individuality, which are a few of my favorite things. $98.00. Also available in khaki.
First up for cK Jeans is this sexy, cotton/linen, sleeveless top. Although its not very tight-fitting, the thin-ness and clingy-ness of the soft linen/cotton fabric that drapes nicely over the body, and the thick elasticized waistband, gives it shape and keeps it from looking like a really expensive potato sack. Available in beige, lavender, or white. $58.00

Next, we've got these dark denim jeans with the bleached-dipped legs. The indigo dye is gradated first to light blue and then to white, and there are three rows of bright blue sequins stitched around the bottom of the pant legs, catapulting this pick into the tacky-chic category. Call me overly nostalgic for the 80's, but I like 'em! $78.00.
cK's ubiquitous Dirty Denim ads, with the rock stars and actresses deserted in apocalyptic-Mad Max backdrops, have made it quite clear that dirt don't hurt. This dirty denim shirt with metal snap closures allows you to take part in this Pigpen trend without feeling too trendy. $78.00.
The next cK pick is this long-sleeved, V-Neck top made of semi-sheer cotton. From the bustline down, it's ribbed and fitted, but the sleeves and neckline are a bit looser, which creates a cool, slightly disheveled look that makes this top a more interesting version of the preppy V-neck sweater it's been modeled after. Available in white or navy. $68.00.
Our last cK item is their fatigued, hooded, rain poncho in yellow green. It's made of 100% treated cotton, has pockets on the sides, and an extra  horizontal pocket in the middle, which is a convenient and dry place to put your walkman or Discman on rainy days. $78.00.
Yet another great jacket for spring showers is this one by Kenneth Cole. It's the perfect mixture of slick and sporty -- a slim and toned down version of the typical bright yellow, Paddington Bear raincoat. It's got a drawstring waist and is available in either olive green or black. $135.00.
The second Kenneth Cole pick is these flat slippers in either beige or black leather. They've got a thin oval heel that echoes the roundness of the toe quite simply and nicely. $98.00.
Next up, we've got this neurotically white leather clutch bag. It's like the interior of a REALLY nice car or a new leather sofa: unbearably classy and requires a lot of care and maintenance. For those who are up for the challenge, or are unfazed by white leather, this bag is well made, has an interesting rectangular boat shape and a little metal square attached to one of the straps, which can be used as a mirror too! $100.00.
These strappy snakeskin mules were the first thing I gravitated to when I entered the Kenneth Cole store. And when I flipped them over to see the price, Walk This Way was written on the bottom. Kudos to whoever named this shoe, as these are one hot pair of shoes! They definitely emanate a rock and roll attitude that is associated with both snakeskin and Aerosmith. Available in natural snakeskin or black snakeskin. $150.00.
Finally, we've got this black leather bag with turquoise leather accents -- like neon lights on a dark night. Also available in black leather with hot pink leather accents. $75.00.
Well, that's all for now, I hope you enjoy the great and highly anticipated days of spring. Until next month!