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I love your e-mails! Thanks.
Leslie Arrington

Your best letter yet.  BRAVO!!

I loved your article on Autumn and the falling leaves because it was almost as if you were taking the thoughts from my mind.  I have always loved the
fall, but unfortunately, here in Texas, we don't have much of a fall.  Well, actually, we have fall, we just don't have a winter.  However, our front yard is filled with falling leaves, all gold and red and yellow as we
prepare for our annual family tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving.


(From China)

Hi, Gina,

What a pleasant surprise your letter brings to me. I am just more than happy to read such a beautiful poem. It is nice to have a such a talent, and I am sure that your friends will enjoy what you produce. Without your permission, I put your nice letter on a BBS, as I believe people will surely have an interest in visiting your web site after reading it. Today, one reader wrote back to me that your letter reminds him of the fall in New England. Here is his response:

I trust that you've seen New England in the fall. If you haven't, you definitely should.

Deliciously beautiful! That's all I can say. From the White Mountains in New Hampshire to the coastal lines of Rhode Island, the sensational turning colors of leaves, their stunning beauty, breath-taking robustness, and the sheer variety and wonderful layering and coupling, would no doubt exhaust both the palette and imagination of even the finest master painters!

Two weeks ago, on a concert-going trip to New York, I visited a friend in New Jersey. We drove to the classic and elegant campus of Princeton University. I was deeply moved by the intellectual milieu as well as the natural scenes, all the cathedrals, buildings, and stone paved passages nested in shades of pine trees, ivy, and, what else, those autumn leaves, bravely holding on to the branches, gracefully dancing in the wind, and passionately embracing the lawn, the mother earth. Simply pleasurable to the eyes and refreshing for the mind.

Alas, transient is the beauty that is fragile. That's perhaps why we hold such a soft spot in our heart for this what is promised to be the golden season.

In a week, all that is gone. And now the chilly breeze reminds me that winter is just around the corner. Then again, I love to hear Peng Li Yuan sing "I love you, the snow in the northern border."

The above letter was written by a person who is now teaching in a business school in America. He also came from my hometown in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. How nice to communicate with each other in this way! I admire you for your taste in art and love for life.

Best regards


Reaction to our article on the making of The Red Shoes:

The Red Shoes is my all time absolutely favorite film. I watch it whenever I can. I have a tape of it. It is a glorious film, with the finest costumes, dancing, cinematography, directing, color, music, and.....I can't find the words, but Thank You for the wonderful article and pics, and the insight into the people who helped create this dazzling film.  You're the greatest!!  Thanks again. 

Reaction to our Buying Beauty test of Clairol's Herbal Essences:

When I first came to America, at the first apartment we lived in, I remember using the old Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo. I wanted to be the little hippy
fairy girl on the bottle!

I think I may try it again, because I still want to be a little hippy fairy girl.


(We at Fashion Finds are still using the original Herbal Essence, which Clairol distributes in the original bottle label and design.  We think it's a far better product than the new Herbal Essences line.)

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