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"Bare skin has a life of its own; within its balance of shadow and light, poems of life are found."

These words were written to describe the collaboration of Teruko Kobayashi and Hideki Fujii.  Ms. Kobayashi is arguably Japan's greatest makeup artist, and the director of the cutting-edge From Hand Makeup Academy in Tokyo.  Hideki Fujii is a brilliant photographer.  They have named their collaboration Karada Kesho.  Karada, in Japanese, means "body."  Kesho means "makeup."  But Karada Kesho is also art, as exquisite a creation as a fine painting.  But in Karada Kesho, the body is the canvas.

In the photographs you are about to see, Teruko Kobayashi uses no tools other than standard cosmetics, and follows the same principles of makeup application  taught at her school (please read Makeup Shibuya Style to witness the daring and wondrous facial makeup practiced by the students at Ms. Kobayashi's From Hand academy).

Here is style at its most fundamental:  the naked body, clothed only by the artist whose medium is makeup.

The result is beautiful. It transforms and transcends. It has motion. It is erotic.