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I like Estee Lauder's All Day lipsticks.  Even if it leaves a 'stain'  somewhat unlike the original color, at least I have some color on my lips until I can re-touch. The price of $16.00 is worth it because each application lasts so long.  Luckily for me, last week, they had a lipstick trade-in and I got a full size All Day lipstick in exchange for an old, non-EL product.

So seriously impressed with your site - excellent all around! intelligent and creative at once.

Your website has some beautiful pictures.  The photos of the women's made up bodies are like walking canvases of art.  I could look at them all day.  It makes me realize, I have been single too long. 

Ms. Cooper ~
I just discovered your site and compliment you on the interesting info and clean design of the site.

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I love Fashion Finds. What a great site!

Gina, I like reading your articles, they're great!

I love your site.  The interview you did with Julieanne Mijares (TLC's designer) was terrific.  I think she is brilliant. 

I love your site, it's great !!! I found a lot of very interesting literature on a variety of up and coming designers! 

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