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L'Occitane Spring/Summer 2000 Preview
Toujours Haute Provence!   L'Occitane, the French beauty and fragrance company, was established in 1976 by its founder, Olivier Baussan, with a line of essential oil-based shampoos.  The mission behind the company was, and is, to pay tribute to the exquisite and historical region of southern France, the Haute Provence.  This area is a landscape of extraordinary beauty, fecund with blue lavender, sage, juniper, thyme, lime blossom, narcissus, and other fragrant plants.  The sun and climate feed the flora, and the countryside is filled with perfumed air.  I am reminded of Marcel Pagnol's childhood memories of his summers in this region in his books My Father's Glory and My Mother's Castle.

The name L'Occitane means "the woman from Occitania (a good Latin word), Occitania being the old term for the region now known as Provence.  The name represents the heritage of this primitive, and I would say ancient, vibrant region, rich in history, and celebrates the culture of the people who live there.

In the 24 years of the company's existence, L'Occitane has developed and expanded a vast line of products, ranging from skin care (for men and women), hair care, bath products, perfumes, aromatherapy, soaps, makeup, and products for the home -- and the line continues to grow.  The products are fantastic, and the packaging and presentation are exquisite.

We at Fashion Finds thought it would be nice to give our readers a taste of some of the delicious new products that L'Occitane has coming out for the spring.

First we have a new Lip Color collection -- Shimmering Shades. Inspired by the glistening sun-kissed colors of Provence, the colors are delicate, with hues that are soft, sheer and shimmering.  They are very sexy and beautiful shades, and at the same time they are healthy, wholesome and glowing.

Lipstick Pencils

Gypsum - a light glistening gold with hints of peach. (Highest  pencil point)

Copper Topaz - a rich copper hue with flecks of gold. (Directly below the Gypsum point)

Burgundy - a rich and sultry warm plum. (Third pencil point from top)

Golden Frost - a rich reddish brown with a subtle sheen. (Pencil point at bottom)

Lip Gloss

L'Occitane's sheer Lip Gloss is designed to combine beneficial ingredients (like sun filters and vitamin E), with the radiant shine of a gloss. They glide on effortlessly and are velvety smooth. They can be used over lipstick or on their own.

Heliodore - a shimmering golden hue. (Standing on left)

Moonstone - silver and sheer, this transparent gloss will add a radiant shine to a favorite lipstick. (Standing on right)

Aventurine - a brilliant copper infused with hints of gold and spicy orange. (The higher tube lying down)

Geranium Velvet - A glistening mauve. (The bottom tube lying down)

New Aromachology Products (Shower Gel, Body Lotion, and Pulse Point Cream)

The Shower Gel is formulated with a vegetable foaming base, and a gentle maize derivative.  It moisturizes and leaves the skin refreshed.  The Gel, Lotion and Pulse Point Cream all come in 4 formulations: Relaxing, Revitalizing, Calming and Restorative.   Shown here is the Revitalizing Gel which contains a combination of essential oils from mint, rosemary and pine. (Bottle on right)

The Body Lotion is enriched with grape seed oil to prevent the effects of free radicals, and to moisturize as well as nourish the most sensitive of skin.  It has a light texture and makes the skin feel silky smooth.  Shown here as well is the Revitalizing formula. (Bottle on left)

The Pulse Point Cream is for use on areas of the body where the blood circulates the closest to the surface of the skin (inside the wrists, behind the ears and knees).  Warm the balm on the inside of the wrists before application to ensure an even and rapid absorption.  Also shown in the Revitalizing formula. (Metal pot on far right)

And finally, not new for spring, but three of our favorite mainstay products, are L'Occitane's Hand Cream with 20% Shea Butter -- light, not greasy, but really moisturizing, with a delicate delicious scent, the 100% Pure Shea Butter (not shown) -- the best solution for dry tootsies, elbows and knees -- especially in the winter!, and the L'Occitane Soap in Verbena -- a light herbal/lemony scent, with 20% Shea Butter.

Enjoy!  The products are great.  L'Occitane has stores all over the world (14 in the US with 6 more opening in the spring).  When we visited our local shop (by the way, the staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful), there were displayed near the cash register samples of another lovely product -- solid amber (resin containing vanilla, coriander, patchouli, and other gorgeous fragrances).  You can use them as a sachet, in your drawers, closets, a tiny bathroom or powder room, your car, or on your coffee table.  The look and color of the crystals is splendid.  The amber lasts about 7-8 months.   Divine!

To order or obtain a catalog, call 888.623.2880.  L'Occitane's web site is:, email: