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Newspaper Articles Quoting
Fashion Finds Editor Gina Pia Cooper
Thong, th-thong, thong, thongs!
By Kristin Vaughan, Staff Writer,
Copyright April 6, 2000
All Dressed Up, Nowhere To Go
By Andrew Glazer, Costa Mesa Daily Planet, Copyright January 27, 2000
Costa Mesa Daily Planet
Raleigh: No Points For Style
By Adrienne M. Johnson, Raleigh News & Observer Staff Writer, Copyright January 5, 2000 The Raleigh News & Observer
Working Fashion
By Nate Hoogeveen
Copyright December 21, 1999 The Des Moines Business Record
Today's Fashion Trend-Setters Look For Dollars In The Scents
By Vinay Menon; Toronto Star Pop Culture Reporter
Copyright November 15, 1999 The Toronto Star
Plus Fours' Roots In Royalty
By Kyrie O'Connor; Hartford Courant Staff Writer
Copyright October 27, 1999 The Hartford Courant