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Dear Gina, 
I was searching the Internet for John Frieda products and came across your site. Firstly, I would like to ask if I can order John Frieda products and have them sent to Athens, Greece where I reside. If so, would it be easy for you to inform me where I can find order information ? I would kindly like to ask your opinion for this year's hair trend. I'm ash blond and have highlighted my hair with blond streaks. My hair is above the shoulder and basically cut into a bob. I was seeking a change. Can you perhaps tell me of any new trendy hair styles for winter? Personally, I was thinking of cutting the fringe and getting red streaks to replace the blond ones. I was wondering whether this is out of date or not. I would like to thank you in advance for your time and effort and I truly look forward to hearing from you soon.

Athens, Greece

From the Editor:

To answer your question regarding John Frieda, you have to call the London main office at 171-491-0840.

Regarding your question about changing your hair style. Do you look at the American fashion magazines like Vogue, Bazaar, and Elle? I also think the British magazines are terrific: British Vogue, Frank, sometimes Tattler. There you will see the latest styles. Your style and color sound pretty current to me. I think blond is still "in," but it's a much darker blond now, with varying hues of other blonds in it -- maybe three different colors in all. For example, a dark blond, almost light brown, a honey blond, and then maybe some whiter, but not white, blond streaks. I think that looks nice. Red is always great, as long as it suits your skin tone. I think it's very flattering. However, red needs more maintenance, I find. I would not have bangs at the moment, they seem to be out. Just wisps and layers. Also super straight hair doesn't seem absolutely necessary -- I'm seeing soft curls and waves that are look great. I can't say how long to grow your hair, or to cut it, because I would need to be looking at you to see what would be suitable. However, the length of your hair, as you describe it, is a fairly happy medium for most people.

Best, Gina Cooper, Editor 

From Christine in Athens:

I've had my hair styled, so I'll try and get a photo, since friends and family get a kick out of taking photos during Holidays, and I'll scan one to you so you can see the streaks, which I must say really turned out great -- trendy. I guess you've probably come to the conclusion that I'm a fashion freak, and always trying to be trendy; of course being fashionable with my style, and not being a victim of fashion. That's why your advice is so helpful, you give ideas rather than 'push' ideas. I would be interested in subscribing to the magazine, I've been to many foreign news stands, but I can't find Fashion Finds here in Athens, Greece, so can I subscribe  anyway and have it sent to me?? Again Gina, do have the Merriest Christmas ever, and a happy New Year, speak to you in the Millennium !

Kind regards, 

To our readers:

Fashion Finds is strictly an online magazine at this time.  I would also like to mention that it is very difficult to find the time to answer personal style questions as I did with Christine.  I can do so only from time to time.  But I am always pleased to hear from my readers, and whenever possible, I'll help you out in your quest for personal style.

Rebecca Herbst:

Kudos and Bravo to the best interview I've ever read with Rebecca Herbst! I've read all the interviews with Rebecca from all the soap magazines, but this has been the best one ever! This interview was extensive and comprehensive, while staying candid and fresh. You asked the right questions, and just let the conversation flow. Lot of things were covered without being intrusive -- family, fashion, ice skating, work ethics, hobbies, beliefs, General Hospital, Hefner. What I appreciated most besides the depth was that  the interviewer (Just so my readers know, I conduct all the interviews myself -- Gina) was not out to boost the actor's ego and get on her good side (something we see way too much of ), and  the interviewer did homework! =)  It was great! 


I loved your interview with Rebecca Herbst.  The most in depth interview I've seen of her yet.  THANK YOU.


Do you know that a LOT of fans of General Hospital  were told about your site, and they've all told me about it so frequently within one day that I had to visit myself? In fact, many of them were referring to it in their discussion of the usual General Hospital  goings-on, behind and in front of the scenes. You're a main source for this week for them. It's to your credit and your staff's that we all read through four pages worth, and didn't mind one bit! Especially me, with my short attention span. I received more feedback to that interview than anything else in the past four weeks.

Carol Weber
Fan Site Publisher

TLC's Julieanne Mijares:

I really loved your article on Julieanne Mijares.  She has elevated fashion style to an art form.  I hope she continues to get the recognition she so richly deserves!

Pat Johnsen

I would just like to say I enjoyed the story on Julieanne Mijares. I am a huge fan of TLC, and have always wondered who designed and did their fashion wardrobe. She does a great job -- it's like she captures their personalities, and they always look different and stand out from the rest.

Thanks again, I really enjoyed reading about her.


Hi Gina,
I'm glad you did the interview and asked about the Waterfalls video. It's really neat. I like the new issue; the body art is interesting, too.

Happy holidays,

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Responses To The Letter From The Editor:

I rather enjoyed your "Letter From The Editor," Gina. I think it is so great. And very true!!


I am your fan.


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