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Well, since it's June, we all think of brides, showers, the whole bit.  So, since it's OK to be sick of giving presents, here are some ideas for yourself.

Australian designer Paablo Nevada has created this deep green top, with a wonderful sheen. The boat neck, the sleeves, and the triangular cut-out at the waist tell us that Paablo has been working hard on her geometry. Available at Henri Bendel's New York and Jasmine in Boston.

Why choose? Buy all five of these scrumptious new colors from Face Stockholm. These lollipop colors are available by calling 888-334-FACE.

Here are some super-duper cosmetics from the French beauty company T. LeClerc.  Four shades of concealer. Like a makeup emergency room in 4 containers, these concealers are designed to handle most any facial crisis. Matte lipsticks, eye pencils, blushes, and mascara. A few examples are shown below. Available by calling 800-788-4731.

Also by LeClerc, their ultra-fine loose powder in 20 different shades.

No, this isn't the cooking page, and those aren't cherry tomatoes on a round shish kebab, separated by watermelon pits. It's a charming vintage plastic bead bracelet from Kessie & Co. in New York.

Another Australian designer, Wayne Cooper, has created this soft and creamy wide-wide boat neck top. Available at Barney's New York nationwide, TG-170, Big Drop, and Hedra Prue in New York.  Caron Cherry in Miami.  A Rare Find in Atlanta.
Now, we haven't mentioned Father's Day, but here's an idea -- take yourself off his payroll! Boy, will he be thrilled!
Have a giftabulous month!