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It is a wonderful seasoning of all enjoyments to think of those we love.     --Molière

It is the addition of strangeness to beauty that constitutes the romantic character in art.      --Walter Pater

A man who looks a part has the soul of that part.     --Guy de Maupassant 

My Dad


This is the 4th issue of Fashion Finds. I hope you’ll agree that this is a really special month!

We are thrilled to feature our first star of stage, screen and TV -- Roy Dupuis -- currently the male lead of the USA series La Femme Nikita. It was a delight to have the opportunity to talk with him. The conversation lasted more than an hour, and we’re printing every word. Roy is a great conversationalist, storyteller, and a master of the art of acting. Don’t miss a moment of it. His last few minutes are marvelous, and truly revealing of the intellectual passion of this more-than-good-looking actor.

Roy, from northern Quebec, isn’t the only Canadian talent we celebrate. Crystal Siemens is one of Canada’s top fashion designers, and we have an exclusive look at her summer line. I know you’ll enjoy her unique vision.

This month’s issue has a powerful pictorial of the great poet/singer/songwriter Bob Dylan, with rare archive photos. When you start to read the lyrics, you’ll see sentiment hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years. The feeling of emotional distress and disenfranchisement during one’s youth is timeless. And Bob Dylan as style icon is as important today as it was when he first stepped onto a Greenwich Village stage in the early Sixties.

Then, get ready for some real fun! Our marvelous Top 5 Picks at the Mall columnist Kathy Martinez takes us on a Shopping Spree in New York’s Lower East Side. Kathy’s sister Maureen, another natural style-setter, joins Kathy for the day. The sisters Martinez will introduce you to some of the most wonderful, fresh, hip, and cool stores in town, and you’ll see the work of great young designers available nowhere else.

We’re featuring the final part of our makeup flagship stores Consumer Report; the ever popular Top 5 Picks from your local mall monthly column, and our Buying Beauty column, which debuted last month and was an instant totally smash hit.

Have fun exploring the issue!

Here in Manhattan, the weather is finally warm, and summer unofficially arrives just after Memorial Day. Time to settle into a mellow mood and enjoy being outdoors, relaxing, taking vacations. Have you bought some fun and fabulous things to wear wherever you plan to be, and whatever you plan to do? Have you picked your summer reading? You’ll get some great ideas in Books You MUST Read! I hope that the pages of Fashion Finds have given you inspiration and information.

Father’s Day is June 20th, so don’t forget to remember dear old Dad. It might be fun to do something special with your dad on Father’s Day. My dad taught me how to ride a bicycle -- I remember the day so clearly; so filled with love and triumph. How about a bike ride together? My dad also taught me how to drive. Once we got over the initial tearful lesson where I kept riding the brake pedal to my dad’s increasing impatience, things got better. He even eventually reached the point where he didn’t white-knuckle the dashboard anymore. So what about a nice road trip? Remember, Dad was there to cuddle you, comfort you, and also teach you how to toughen up and stand on your own.

Here’s to all the dads out there!

Have a wonderful sunny month, and keep in touch….

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