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  • Dear Gina:

    I just read the latest issue, with the wonderfully detailed review on the Sheer Blonde line by John Frieda.  Kudos to the author.  What a wonderful and comprehensive approach she uses. I very much appreciated reading the products' effects on each of the multiple participants the author used. Too often I read a review, only to find out that the review is basically inapplicable because the reviewer's skin/hair/etc. type is opposite my own!  Your reviewer engages each and every reader (well...minus the bald ones) by covering the various hair types.

    A heartfelt congratulations to you on your booming fashion enterprise. I am enjoying it more and more with every issue.  Please extend an enthusiastic congratulations to the reviewer -- I've read many, many reviews over the years, and each and every one of them pale in comparison.  She's a gem.

    Sincerely yours,

    Amy Tombor


  • I found Ms. Hardin's review of Sheer Blonde to be entertaining, accurate, and informative. I especially liked that she included different sexes and different age ranges in her testing. It is unusual to see comments from children in beauty reviews, and I liked the quotes that she included from the 9 year old.

    Congratulations on having Ms. Hardin on your staff, and I hope to see more from her in the future.

Ginger Reinhagen


  • Thank you for such a wonderful site!

    I live in NYC and enjoy your columns. I especially liked the John Frieda Sheer Blonde article by Diane Hardin.

    Way to go!!!



  • The Kali Vermes piece is fabulous.

    Eva Kittay


  • Your feature on Kali Vermes' hat design was wonderful.  Very impressive and skillful displays.  I'd love to see more of her work in the future.

    Hope Shafer


  • "Discovered" you at Mining Co (now, and just spent a delightful hour at your site. Loved the William Ivey Long piece -- high quality reportage and the illustrations looked fab! I'll be back! Thanks and best wishes,
  • Bethanye


  • This site is a very innovative way for people across the country to unite and discuss fashion and the newest trends. I am a college student who is limited to endless amounts of schoolwork in desperate need to know what the current trends are. This site succeeds other sites by far.

Anna Claros


  • I've never seen anything like this kinda interviews....

    Natalie Gouge


  • Great site! Love it!



  • It's rare for me to have unlimited computer time these days, time to just peruse. I will read Fashion Finds no matter what, the information is too wonderful to NOT read.



  • Hi, Gina

    You know, I really enjoy reading your email. Every time you are just So natural.

    Also, is it possible for you to set up the email list (for registrants) which compressed all the e-mail addresses? In case someone doesn't like their email address shown to others, and we don't need to pass through the long address list to get to the main part . Just my 02 cents.

    Have a good day, keep writing, I enjoy your writing!!

    Anan Cheng

    Anan:  Thanks so much for making this important point.  We have switched our emails so that you, and all other registrants, don't see all the members identities.  

    Please, readers, keep letting us know what we're doing right as well as wrong! And please register! As Fashion Finds grows, we'll have more and more for you.  --Gina



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