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By Kathryn Martinez

Thank you all so much for writing about June's Roy Dupuis cover story.  We received hundreds of emails.  Here are just a few:

  • Dear Gina,

    A great big "Thank you" for the interview with Roy Dupuis of La Femme Nikita! This only proves what I have known all along...there is much more to this actor than meets the eye. I really enjoyed reading about his background and education in theater. It is refreshing to see an actor that cares so much about his trade. Bravo to Roy and thanks again for such an enlightening interview!

    Michelle from Florida

  • I want to thank you for your great article about Roy Dupuis. I want to know if he has a wife or a girlfriend. Greatly appreciated.


    We respect Roy's desire to keep these matters private, and didn't ask him any prying questions. --Gina

  • Gina:

    Thank you so much for sharing the audio clip of Roy Dupuis from his interview.   Enjoyed it very much.  Appreciate the work involved to put it up on the site for Roy's fans.

    Thanks again for remembering us with this special treat! :-)


    Trudy Gerovske

  • Hi my name is Libby and I am 18. I am writing on my father's business account so I am going to make this brief.  I can not express my thanks enough for your article on Roy Dupuis.  I am a huge fan of the La Femme Nikita TV show, and have not found very much info on him or his character.  The article gave me more insight not only to his character Michael, but who he is as a person. Thanks alot.

    Dayton, OH

  • I really like La Femme Nikita and especially love Roy!!!!!  I was just reading the article and was wondering how to get a copy of it.  Can you please tell me where or how I can get a copy of Roy's interview?  Thank you.

    Amy L

    Amy, unfortunately we do not plan to reprint on paper the Roy Dupuis article.   But the article will remain on line, in the archive section of Fashion Finds. Just click on Archive on the bottom of the cover, and you'll be whisked to the section where the articles from all our previous issues can be found. --Gina

Follower of the Top 5 & Kathy Martinez

  • Dear Gina, I've been reading your magazine since it first came out and just had to tell you how much I enjoy it. You seem to surpass yourself with every edition. I'm a regular reader of the Top 5 Picks at the Mall; Ms. Martinez's witty, articulate comments are so much fun to read and her drawings are beautiful. I also appreciate how she doesn't always stick to the same stores every month. This month it was especially nice to see Ms. Martinez and her sister incorporated into another area of the magazine. I really appreciate it when magazines expand the roles of their writers because it builds a stronger bond between reader and magazine. Also the pictures were great! Looking forward to July's issue,


Thanks to all of you for letters like these:

  • I love Fashion Finds because it keeps me in touch with NY while I am home for the summer!  The articles have such young yet intelligent energy that I truly enjoy!  Keep up the good work!

    amanda, TX
  • Just found your site today and it is COOL. While I was reading your articles, I found myself saying "yes" so many times.... I was so pleased to find so many things that I love mentioned.... Bob Dylan, miu miu, cutting edge designers, books, Sade, art, acting, thoughtful qoutes and articles , and of course I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your repulsion of Sephora, which I share...tacky, tacky...just icky! I love your ability to  wade through all of the garbage, and find what is true, unique, artistic, inspired, and beautiful.


  • I'm e-mailing to tell you that I really enjoyed reading! I enjoyed it as much as I enjoy reading Vogue and Allure! Those two are my favorites! 

Wendy Rivas

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