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Written and illustrated by Kathryn Martinez
Greetings and Salutations! Summer has finally gotten underway, and I hope that everyone has had a bit of summer fun already, because we're getting down to business right now. Top 5 business, that is.
Ann Taylor
Let's begin with this three-quarter-sleeve linen top in black, which is on sale for $39.99. Designed with a pretty neckline with embroidered detailing, this lets you take the hippie in you to work. And its slightly boxy cut reveals that this top was made with comfort and craft.
I also spied these khaki cigarette pants, which seem to perpetually bask in golden sunlight; I mean they're shimmery, but not at all flashy. They're made of cotton/spandex and cost $52.00.
For you midtown skyscraper warriors, I think that this cotton khaki suit is one that can withstand the heat, physically and emotionally speaking. The blazer zips up the front and has a button at the very top. There are some interesting seams than make this simple jacket a bit more complex, and when combined with the neck-high collar, create a slight motorcylce-ly look that keeps one from feeling too dowdy; $78.00. The matching skirt is great because it's not too long, and not too short; $50.00
Lastly, we have this quirky purse in orange/tan leather. The shape of the bag is quite unique, being more rectangular on the horizontal, rather than the vertical. It has a magnetic closure, an inside zipper for valuables, and metal nubs on the bottom to protect its bottom of the bag from scratches; $77.00.
Banana Republic
First up, we have BR's bib top, which has a beautiful pattern on either a red or blue background. It's strappy, light, and made of silk -- what more could you want for summer? $48.00.
Next, a cutie-pie silk knit T-shirt with a string to tie at the top. Comes in great summer colors, like red, pale grey, a bluer grey, and black. $48.00
Now for BR's Big Bag-Theory, which explains how when shimmery yellow silk is paired with a pastel striped lining, an elegant and handy bag is born. Thin leather straps add some earth to the opulent fabric, $78.00.
Then, there is this black short-sleeved, knit sweater that feels silky because it's made of rayon. It's a sweater in the light and air-conditioner-friendly sense of the word. Plus, it's on sale for $38.00.
Also on sale for $29.00 are these great thong slides. They're squarer and sleeker than other slides I've seen. Comes in subtle metallic shades of red, brown, blue, and black.
The Gap
Let's start the Gap off with these nylon, grey, knee length pants. I broke down and finally admitted that I like this length, which I find much more appealing than its fitted capri relative, which can be tricky to pull off. These, however, seem perfect for running around in. They have a drawstring waist, cost $28.00, and come in khaki too.
Next is this cap-sleeve dress, made of a rayon/polyester blend with a v-neckline. A basic for summer living; $54.00.
Perfect for pajama parties are these pale yellow PJs with little red flowers. They're guaranteed to keep you looking great even when your friends take your picture as you drool yourself off to sleep. Top and bottom, $24.00 each.
These last two items, I must confess is the outfit that was put together by the Gap machine for the window display, but hey, I like it. The linen hooded pullover top, with kangaroo pockets, costs $48.00 and come in white, ocean blue, and grey. The cotton drawstring pants are $38.00, and come in white, khaki, and black. Oh yes, they have pockets too.
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