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Country Road This was the first time I've ever been in Country Road. Although they weren't selling any lemonade on the side of the road, they do offer both wine while you browse, and subtle variations of the fashions found everywhere else, in colors that are quite refreshing in the seas of lime, pinks, and greys.
For example: this 50's style top with three-fourths sleeves, I've seen numerous times at Ann Taylor and other retailers, however Country Road features it in pea green, instead of lime. Made of cotton/lycra and costs $78.00.
Another example is this rayon/viscose tank in lake green, which is a nice alternative to black; $78.00.
Next, are these rayon/viscose, long-sleeved tops. They look like Missioni inspired in that the fabric consists of tiny lines of pale green and white, blue-grey and white, or olive green and white. $59.99.
Then we have my personal favorite, this linen/silk scarf. The two ends of the scarf are sheer, creating a Rothko effect that I cannot resist; also $59.99.
Finally, we have these ballet slippers, which are, once again, a nice variation of what's "in style" these days. They're leather, very soft, and have a decorative strap across the top with a little buckle on the side. $118.00.
Bebe To be honest, Bebe really surprised me. Although there were plenty of club/music video worthy items in the store, there were also a lot of very interesting, strong and versatile pieces.
A prime example of which is this apron top. Although it looks intimidating to get into, it has the show-off-the-back thing down pat, without leaving you feeling too exposed. And when it gets colder, it'll also be great to layer on top of, and underneath, other dresses, pants, and sweaters. $88.00.
Do you ever get that intense feeling in your stomach when you know that something's going to fit, look, and feel right? Well, that's what I got when I was trying on these black, hip-hugger pants. They're made of viscose, nylon, and a bit of spandex, are thick enough to make you feel like you have thighs of steel, but stretchy enough to let you dance as free as Madonna. $98.00.
Next, we have a pretty mid-calf-length crochet dress in a sweet violet. Swinging beads and groovy crochet…yea Bebe! I know, I know, but I had to do it, it was unavoidable. Seriously though, this dress captures the free spirit of the 20's and the 60's, $128.00.
Now, we have this criss-cross, polyester, sleeveless top. Two layers of semi-sheer panels of black fabric join together in the name of decency; $59.00.
Last but not least, is this long skirt made of cotton/spandex. The fabric is so thin, you barely feel it's there, and the bottom is not straight, but is curved. But that's not all, the back curve is longer that the front; $89.00.
Well, that's all folks. Until September, keep cool and enjoy.
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