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Rachel is wearing a Wayne Cooper hooded jacket, available at Barney's New York nationally, TG-170, Big Drop, and Hedra Prue
in New York.  Guys and Dolls Act I set
design sketch by scenic designer Tony Walton.  Guys and Dolls logo, including dice
in photomontage, designed by Doug Johnson.
Dear Readers,

We at Fashion Finds have had a very industrious month, and we are happy to report that we are growing in leaps and bounds. It seems unbelievable that it has been only 8 weeks since we launched. We are happy to announce that, a guide to the web, has selected Fashion Finds for inclusion in its list of best fashion e-zines. Cynthia Nellis, editor of the fashion guide, calls Fashion Finds "refreshing" and "a fresh voice in fashion." It is indeed wonderful to get such positive feedback from people in the industry and, of course, from you, our readers.

My mom

We are also happy to introduce a new member to our Fashion Finds family -- Diane Hardin -- our new beauty columnist. Diane files her columns from the Lone Star State -- Texas. This month she reports on her test of the hot-selling hair product line, John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde. We look forward to many interesting and informative articles from her.

So as you see from the front page we have, as William Ivey Long would say, a va-va-va-voom issue. We had great fun putting it together for you, and we hope you will visit the site many times this month and in the future. We also hope you will take the questionnaire that is offered on the front page. All answers are completely confidential!

On a more serious note, we were saddened to hear about the untimely death of Harper’s Bazaar editor Liz Tilberis. Ms. Tilberis had been fighting ovarian cancer for some time, had had a bone marrow transplant, and seemed to have licked the disease. Alas, it sadly wasn’t so. We at Fashion Finds did not know Ms. Tilberis personally, only as a public figure, but she certainly seemed to take the high road, always gracious and courageous.

We also respected Ms. Tilberis’ forthrightness and openness about her illness, and her work certainly heightened women’s awareness about the disease, and about going for checkups diligently. We at Fashion Finds would also like to convey the same message to all our women readers out there, young and old, to have regular checkups, gynecological visits, mammograms, etc., and to take care of yourselves so you’re around for a good long time. Not for beauty’s sake, but for your health and your well-being.

May 9th is Mother’s Day, so to all of you who are mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day! And the same wishes to all the women who have been important and vital in someone’s life, but may not have been their mother, have a wonderful day too.

So, everyone, have a fabulous month, and I’ll see you back here June 1 with a new issue!