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Our Consumer Report On Makeup "Superstores"
  • I must say I agree with the bad review of Sephora.  I was so excited when it came to my mall (Westfarms in CT), however, I have been nothing but dissapointed by it! There are approximately 4 salespeople for every one person shopping, so as a result they will not leave you alone!  I find this shocking from a store whose policy is supposed to be to leave you alone while you look for yourself.  Also, the people who work there are very snobby, and seem to look down upon customers who are not "chic" enough for them.  Finally, and probably most importantly, they have a very low stock on lots of items.  I have been searching for certain Nars products for months, which they never seem to have.  I imagine that Sephora stores are probably much better in the original locations (NY, for example), but  it seems they have lost sight of the original goal of the store in many locations.
  • I also shop at Sephora at Westfarms.  I agree that the store is WAY overstaffed.  Too many people walking around with one black glove.   I agree Dierdre, some of the SA's are pretty snobby. Many times I've overheard them cutting down a customer. There are a couple of helpful and knowledgeable ones though.

    There is one SA there who has pretty decent product knowledge, but he likes to try the products on with you. Yes, with you. I was looking at glosses, and he said, "oh, I love that color, can I try it on?" I handed it to him and he started putting it on. He did this more than once!!

Post Fallout Glam Stylings by Aly Wolff-Mills

  • Terrific! Terrific! This woman has a brain, spirit, and skill...a deadly combination that can take her anywhere she wants to go, but then again I bet she knows that.  Please pass along how exciting I think her work is.  I'm from Colorado and enjoyed the website.
    Cheers, Shari Vines

    P.S. What about a corset with words from ancient plays or mid-century love letters emblazoned all over it?

  • Aly Wolff-Mills' designs are very beautiful.  I like the idea that one of her corsets laces up with electrical wire.  Then the whole bit about the fishnets is so true!  Now I really want a few of her pieces!!  Someday when I win the big spin..

The Illustrations of Peter DeFreitas

  • Excellent, excellent article on illustrator Peter DeFreitas.   I am now a huge fan!  I admire fashion illustrators such as Barbara MacGregor and Jeffery Fulvimari for Stila.  As an ex-graphic designer, I hold these artists in high regard.  Mr. DeFreitas, you are fantastic!!!  Can't wait to see your designs on Fresh, as I am also a huge makeup/beauty junkie as well!!!
    C. Lin

Peta Wilson Rules On

  • Wanted to thank you for the wonderful info and fashions from the La Femme Nikita show.   I have been with several lists on the net and have never been able to find the wonderful PICS that you had or have on your site. Now I check out everything every chance I get on you website.
    Thanks again,
    (The Nikita article can, and will continue to be found, in our archive area)
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