Fashion Finds Angels - Dream Brides, Real Makeup
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Fashion Finds Angels is
Copyright 2000 The Metis Corporation.
All Rights Reserved. Concept and text
by Gina Pia Cooper.

Illustrated by, and clothing designed by, Leanne Lin

What is it about sitting in front of a mirror, playing and experimenting with makeup? It's certainly as old as the human species. Is it to empower ourselves by looking our best? Or is it part of a biological process, preparing ourselves to win the choicest mate?

Whatever it is, we love it, and that's what Fashion Finds Angels is all about.

And if there's a month made for a magnificent makeup event, it's June, the month of brides.

We've created for this issue of Fashion Finds five Dream Brides: Playboy Playmate / TV Actress Bride Bobbie Champagne, Hippie Bride Meadoe McKenzie, Goth Bride Miss Styx, Pop Diva Bride Diandrá, and Princess Bride Helena Marshall-Chadwick.

We've selected real cosmetics to create real looks illustrated for your enjoyment.  Every Dream Bride is accompanied by a listing of the makeup she's wearing, and the cost.  Join us on this makeup fantasy, and play with some of the looks yourself.

Here's our Playboy Playmate / TV Actress Bride, Bobbie Champagne:

Shiseido Sun Block Compact SPF 32 in Medium, $26

Shu Uemura Glow On Brown 76, $18

Paula Dorf Peek-a-Boo Cheek Color, $17

Laura Mercier Diamond Light Eyeshadow, $17

BeneFit Creme Shadow in Motion Ocean, $14

Paula Dorf Eye Color Glimmer in Mambo, $17

Shu Uemura Glam Eyelashes, $15

Innoxa Volumizing Mascara in Black, $18

T. LeClerc Eyebrow Pencil in Brun, $17

Bobbi Brown Color Options Artsticks in Bright Pink, $25

Cantecaille Bellini Lip Gloss, $20

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