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Prepare yourself for a major new player in the world of super deluxe skin care.  Previously only available to women in Asia and Europe, where Kanebo is a sensation, the line is now available in the US.  Kanebo has combined traditional oriental medicine with laboratory biotechnology.  The result is two distinct skin care systems: Sensai EX and Sensai Cellular Performance.  The Sensai EX is an anti-aging line, comprised of La Crème, La Lotion, L'Emulsion and La Crème Pour le Corps.  La Crème is often called "a facelift in a jar."  Sensai Cellular Performance is a 16 product line, designed as a preventive approach to skin care.  When you really feel you want to indulge, think of Kanebo, which is sold exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman in New York.

T. LeClerc

For summer, LeClerc presents a high gloss shine with gold flecks.  It's called Or Transparent Lip Gloss, shown below.

Here's a preview of T. LeClerc's new fall products, together called "A Taste of Fall."  

  • The first is a blush called Brun Rose (shown below), which, of course, is rose/brown in tone.
  • Next is a dual eye shadow, a split palette (shown below), half matte and half iridescent, in Prune (a deep plum shadow).

The two other fall products from LeClerc are Prune Mascara -- a true plum-like brown color (below left), and Vibrant Matte Lipstick, a burgundy stain lipstick (below right).

T. LeClerc products are available at Barney's New York nationwide.  For more store information, call (800) 788-4731.


Any man who has tried shaving with a true bowl of shaving soap and a high quality bristle brush knows that no better, more comfortable, longer lasting shave can be had.  L'Occitane now offers a superb suite of shaving products.  The line includes a complete metal mini-travel kit with shaving cream, brush, razor and alum stick. There is also, of course, an after shave balm with a typically L'Occitane heavenly scent, and a metal bowl with shaving soap, which can be refilled once used up. See pictures below. To contact L'Occitane, 888-623-2880. Web site

France Luxe

The Tinted Tokyo Collection consists of a line of beautifully tinted tortoise shell hair accessories, and comes in 12 styles -- barrettes, ponytail holders and headbands.  France Luxe spares no effort to create a depth of color and shine that dazzles the eye (see images below). Find the collection at Bergdorf Goodman, Clyde's in Manhattan, Nordstrom.  For information, call (888) 884-3653.

Joey New York

From Joey New York, the "Double Stuff" line.  We're featuring for you the Body Moisturizers: the Moisture Booster Spritz, and the Advanced Elastin and Collagen Body Moisturizer.  The Spritz offers your skin an extra boost of hydration.  The Moisturizer is applied over the Moisture Booster, and seals in the moisture, leaving your skin smooth and silky.  Available at Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Fred Segal, Sephora and, and

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