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Stila:  Baby, It's A Spring Thing!

Stila's Spring 2000 Collection packs a tropical punch all wrapped up in denim for all you blue jean baby queens.  Inspired by fruits like mangos, kiwis, and melons, Stila creator Jeanine Lobell has combined these rich colors into a palette that is sheer, vibrant and fresh.

Jeanine has created three delicious eye colors: Kiwi, Guava, and Mango.  Shown below is Kiwi.

Guava is a pink raspberry, and Mango is an orangey melon.

Stila has also added three new spring shades to its lip color repertoire: Liza, Kelly, and Fiona.  Shown below is Liza:

Kelly is pink raspberry, and Fiona is nectarine-infused coral.

There are three new shades of lip polish, too.  Gleam, Twinkle, and Glow.  Gleam is shown below:

Twinkle is a wearable melon, and Glow is nude pink.

Stila's convertible color, which is a lipstick and blush in one, introduces two new colors for spring, Petunia and Gladiola.  Petunia is shown below:

Gladiola is a melony orange.
Stila has a new shade of All-Over Shimmer, called *9.  It's a clear base, with a sprinkling of pink-orange shimmer.  *9 is shown below:

For you nostalgia buffs out there, Stila re-launches a favorite Lip Shine, Melon Shine, a corally pink gloss, shown below:

Samples of Stila's three new Nail Shimmers weren't available in time for us to show them to you.  The new colors are Muse, a melon orange, Grace, a melon pink, and Nymph, a fuschia.  Since we couldn't show them to you, we picked another Nail Shimmer from Stila we thought would combine nicely with the spring palette.  It's Aphrodite, shown below:

For Stila mail order and information, call 888-999-9039.


Hair today, long tomorrow!

Who doesn't want lusher, longer, healthier hair?  After all, God gave us only one head of it, so we've got to treat it right.

Enter Viviscal.  Viviscal is a tablet made of natural ingredients developed by a team of Finnish scientists and dermatologists.  Viviscal tablets contain a combination of highly refined marine protein, Vitamin C, and plant-based silica.  

Viviscal tests in Europe have shown that taking two tablets daily will produce results after a six month regimen.  We checked with our family doctor, and he said Viviscal is perfectly fine to take.  The only caution is that if you are allergic to seafood, don't take Viviscal.  

Viviscal is available at high-end pharmacies, such as Clyde's in Manhattan (212-744-5050), and by mail order.  Call 800-318-3934.


For your ivories!  Like your hair, God only gave you one set of adult teeth, and since nobody likes to go to the dentist, it's a good idea to take special care of them.

A bright, white shiny smile can make you look younger, healthier, more rested, and more attractive.  To help achieve all that, a dentist named Dr. Irwin Smigel created Supersmile, the world's first non-abrasive whitening toothpaste.  It already has a huge celebrity following, including Calvin Klein, Donatella Versace, and Johnny Depp, to name a few.

Other products in the Supersmile line include advanced formula mouthwash packets, dental floss, the Supersmile tongue cleaner, and shown below, the 45 tooth brush:

Supersmile is available at upscale pharmacies, via mail order at 800-784-SMILE, and on the Web at

Bask in the afterglow of indulging, and we'll see you with more luscious items real soon.

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