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Texas Hunks Controversy!

Now -- I don't wanna go off on a rant here, but . . .

Number One: Jason London as #9? Ethan Hawke as #8? GIMME A BREAK. Both belong w a a a a y up the list.

Number Two: Dennis Quaid & Patrick Swayze - first & second on THE RUNNER UP LIST? DON'T THINK SO! HAVE YOU LOOKED AT THOSE FACES AND BODIES LATELY? (Not to mention that Patrick is a Texan rancher -- hello?!)

Number Three: Jason London's identical twin brother, Jeremy? Did I miss something?!

Number Four: Henry Thomas? 

Number Five: BRAVO - YOU NAILED NUMBER ONE!!!! GOOD JOB! (And number two is pretty darn good, as well)

However, may I make one small suggestion - the next time you run an article about hunks from a particular state, let women from that state rank the winners. We Texan girls know what Texan hunks are, and for the most part, you blew it. All good guys, just most ranked in the wrong order. 

Now don't get me wrong - the writing was great, the pictures awesome, the article interesting, the magazine for the most part enjoyable -- but as far as this particular article goes, it takes a Texan girl to know what a Texan Hunk is, and your rating left a lot to be desired. 

But, I could be wrong.

Signed, Texan-born, raised, dated, and married! 

Thanks for writing.  I'd love to hear your revised Top 10 Hunks!  And that goes for everyone -- to each his own! --Gina

Angela Anaconda -- She has her own show!

Dear Angela

I watch your show mostly all morning. I like to watch it. I think that your show is very good. I like the part when you and Nanette got your hair stuck together. I hope you win .


The Ever Popular John Frieda

Dear Editor,

I live in London and recently visited a friend in New York where I came across a product called "Funky Chunky" in the Sheer Blonde range by John Frieda -- I had used this line before and decided to give it a go.

The test.

I wanted my blonde tresses to look different, so I used the Funky Chunky to twist my locks, and I ended up with a look not that different from Dread Locks, but it was smoother, shinier and looked fantastic, and the comments that I received were that of "Wow -- that looks great -- how did you do it" I told them what I had used but that they could not purchase the product in the UK -- I have tried various gels to recreate the look but it takes around 45 minutes to do and strong hold gels hold it for around 2 hours -- the funky Chunky however lasts until I want to brush it out.

Can you tell me - how I can purchase this product in the UK?? as I only have half a bottle left and love twisting my hair.

Yours sincerely


The London Frieda main office can be reached at 171-491-0840.

A Quick-Cut Selection Of Love Letters

  • I'm just starting to go through the issue. You used the phrase "more democratic" to describe the feel of your mag. Even though this is only the second issue I've had the chance to read, that feeling is strongly evident in your publication. It has a very approachable, friendly sense about it.
  • Simply very nice!
  • Kathryn Martinez' article of high street fashion was really helpful. It gave a clear picture if what to expect to see in the shops in spring. I have to be honest, the best articles were with the shoes! I just loved Sergio Rossi's shoes. There are truly feminine. Although they seem a bit difficult to walk in! Christian Louboutin's shoes were also fantastic. I saw that they have them here in Athens, which thrilled me! The article with the mascara will be of great assistance to me because I seem to have run out of mascara and have to run to the shops to purchase some. I regularly use Estee Lauder Pure Velvet. It applies nicely. But if you have short lashes it does not give them much length, but it definitely gives fullness. I have really long lashes, so if I were to give extra length my make-up would have a more 'evening' effect, perhaps not being very suitable for morning. I am now using this new cream by NUX, it's French. It really feels comfortable on my face, considering that I have been using Estee Lauder's anti-oxidant cream for 5 years, I was happy that I felt happy with the change, maybe a bit guilty because I'm not the type of person to change make-up brands very easy! 
  • Finally, an ezine that is interesting!!!
  • Love the site, has so many interesting ideas
  • Love the shoes in your magazine. Hope to see more of your fashions.
  • The new edition looks great. I really loved the fabulous shoes, truly glamorous and wonderful after all the orthopedic fashion that just won't give up!
  • It's unbelievable what you have produced.  I look forward to future issues and again, we both wish you much success!
  • I love the depth of fashion issues you cover and the layout of your page.  Great photos and information.
  • 1st I would just like to give u a big thank you for having that whole TLC thing. It was amazing finding them at your site and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much! The interview was interesting and it was just the jam.
  • I have been reading your February issue of FASHION FINDS. I love it. No wonder you are worn out. You give so much of yourself to this project. Your writing is so strong and powerful. 

    Thanks so much!

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