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FF:     Tell me the medium--it’s magic marker and colored pencil?

Peter DeFreitas: Yes, it’s a Letraset Pantone tri-nib marker, and there are three different widths of tips on the marker, so I can get a much wider brush,  and they also have finer tips.   And then there’s a pencil crayon that I use.  What I do with the pencil crayon is just give it more definition.  There are only maybe three or four colors that I actually use in the pencil crayon, unless I don’t have the color in the marker.  And what I’m doing with the marker is, I’m really treating the marker like watercolor.

FF: Yes.

Peter DeFreitas: I was teaching a fashion illustration course at one of the colleges here in Toronto, and what I started to realize is that a lot of illustrators still do use watercolor, but what I’ve been noticing is that what markers are is like the modern version of watercolors.

FF: Yes.

Peter DeFreitas: I’ve always wanted to use watercolors, but I’ve never given myself the opportunity to really develop that.  And so I’ve just become accustomed to using the marker.

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