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Peter DeFreitas:
"I want to bring her more to life, to put color on her, and I want to dress her."
Peter DeFreitas: From a very early age I always loved illustration.  And what I love about illustration is the freedom that you have with it.  You can exaggerate things in such a wonderful way.  There are some kinds of fashion illustration that I really think are beautiful, where the lines are so loose and there’s movement and so on.  It’s like it’s a suggestion of what it is that you see.  And I’ve never been able to stop myself at that.   I get so excited about the detail, and trying to catch the spirit of it. 

I’ve just never been comfortable to sort of say okay, that’s enough.  It’s just such a great opportunity for me to kind of let go and lose myself in it.  It doesn’t ever occur to me that it’s work.  It’s like a time that’s just for me and the paper and the pen to play, and just like allow whatever’s going to come out come out.

FF: That’s wonderful.

Peter DeFreitas: It’s such a great, great experience.  As far as my philosophy about it, I think that’s what it is that I love.  It’s like I never know what it’ll turn out like.  People look and say, how do you do that?   And I can tell you how I do it.  But I never know what’s going to be the end result.  And there is the point in the illustration where I’ve done everything I can do, and then something happens.  And when that happens, it’s definitely kind of weird, but that’s when I know that she’s arrived.   She’s kind of jumped out, and she’s got her spirit.

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