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I think Chanel is very very good, although Essie is almost as good and the colors are superb.   For mass market, I prefer L'Oreal over Revlon......I also like Lancome too, but the price is very high.

Sharon White

I happen to love nail polishes, and probably have way too many, but the good news with that is that I have come across some fantastic brands of polish. Try if you can find it BG MG (Beauty First, or salons may carry this one). It's got a lot of pigment, goes on thin, but I can wear (My favorite!) Retro Red with only one coat. Talk about a treat, one coat and a quick drying topcoat and you're out the door with the Perfect red nails. Also try Victoria's Secret's brand. They have some great colors, and they wear pretty well, plus the applicator is a long handle which is much easier to apply with than most brands' short stubby handles. For durability, I am on my 5th day with a powder blue shade from Bath and Body Works. There are three chips total, not too bad, and their color selection is bright and fun.

Avid Fashion Finds Fan Brandy Shearer 


I use Chanel Cover Up in a small tube. I find it very expensive, for the little amount in the tube. So far I haven't found anything that can beat Cover Up for lightness, concealing and staying power. I will however try Almay since everyone seemed to like it and it's much cheaper. Thank you for your advice



I really enjoyed your article on undereye concealers. I've had dark circles under my eyes for my entire life, and I started covering them up with makeup when I was only 12 (I'm 20 now). For the past 8 years, I've used Dermablend concealer, which can be found in department stores. It covers very well, but it is noticeable and can be seen in the creases under my eyes after a few hours.   My personal favorite has been Mary Kay's Full Coverage Concealer. It comes in a tube, covers very well without being too heavy, and one tube lasted me about 2 years. (Dermablend lasts a few years, too...a sample size pot has lasted me 1 year already). I have been wanting to try something new, though, but I didn't know what to buy and didn't want to waste a lot of money figuring out what worked best. After your article, I've decided to try Almay's cover cream. I hope I like it even more than the Mary Kay brand. Thanks for the's been very helpful! 

Sincerely,Stephanie Lane 

I read the article about makeup first (as usual), and you know, I was not surprised at the final result (Almay over Yves Saint Laurent). The price doesn't really "make" the quality of the product. Even so, Yves Saint Laurent is one of the more trusted brands. You just have to decide where and what do you want to do with each concealer.... Yves Saint Laurent to go out, and Almay to go to work. I don't like the 3 in 1 Buffy the Vampire myself, it's sticky heavy and makes my skin look shiny. But I agree, it all depends on your skin tone and type. 


Stila makes a randy eye concealer. It's my pick.

Kitty Cario


As an individual,  I am very fashion savvy, and your site sounds just right for fashion news and updates....Looking forward to a great interaction between us.


I am very interested in the ingredients in the products we use on our bodies. It is very important to know this in order to protect ourselves and give the best to ourselves.

Eve Hedgepeth

I really enjoy exploring this site. It has been well developed in an esthetic matter.

Kusdhianto Setiawan

I love "indie" beauty products such as T. LeClerc and Face Stockholm.  This site is excellent for makeup application and selection, and is therefore an artistically charged place for color-hunting. 

Bridget Higgins

I love your website.

C Lippman

I work decorating shops. And I find your fashion instinct really amazing. Lately, I've been looking for some inspiration to innovate. Thanks! 

Ana M. Rodríguez Marcos

I checked out your site and was really impressed -- it's bright, down-to-earth, and seems more like a hip slick magazine than an "on-line publication". 

Chia-Ti Chiu


It was really nice to hear from you -- an editor of a fashion magazine. You made me feel I had received a personalized message. Your article re the "Sun-kissed Provence......." makeup on Mar 21 was very interesting, cool and frank!! Well done, and keep up the good work. 

Juliet Lo

Thanks! I completely agree with the new vibrant spring colors that are out.... They add an extra touch to the everyday wear of make-up. I've taken a special liking to Urban Decay's Acid Rain eye shadow. It's an iridescent mint green ...I could wear it everyday! ! ! Thanks again for the tips!....

Lorena Ferriera


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