Maria Pinto - The Lightness Of Being
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Think about Chicago.  Most people would say the first thing that comes to mind is the Chicago Bulls.  Oprah.  Al Capone.  It's the Windy City.  The Second City.  The great poet Carl Sandburg called it "Hog butcher for the world...City of the big shoulders."  Chicago is tough.

Maria Pinto is a native Chicagoan, and she puts the lie to all the fables.  That's why I've called this article The Lightness Of Being.

Look at the delicate swirl in the skirt above.  The cascading wrap.  Maria Pinto is as comfortable creating designer gowns fit for Oscar night to casual outfits for those who live La Vie De Boheme.

Maria Pinto

Maria Pinto Studio: 312-360-1330

All photographs courtesy Maria Pinto.
Photographers: John McArthur,
Darcy McGrath, Jeff Stella,
Michael Voltatorni.

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