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Right, #4571, $370

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There's no bottom to the ocean of shoe love. I think I've ridden the ultimate tidal wave, having been exposed to Walter Steiger's spring/summer 2000 and fall/winter 2000 collections, which you will see here.

It's a rare thing when you want to buy every pair of shoes in a boutique, from ballerina flats to golf shoes to Mary Janes to Lycra thigh high boots to the ultimate high heeled S&M cuff shoe. There's so much variety in Walter Steiger's oeuvre, that not only is there something for everyone's sensibility, but if you want to be Jayne Mansfield one day, Barbara Stanwyck another day, Jean Seberg another, Ursula Andress the next, or you just want to look fabulous, you've come to the right shoe designer.  And guess what, girls, these shoes are really comfortable  and really well-made.

#4532, $350

And if that isn't enough to make you think you've died and gone to heaven, Mr. Steiger also designs delicious handbags, and most recently luxurious but simple and elegant women's clothing, plus men's shoes for the boys -- really cool looking.

Walter Steiger is Swiss-born, and the scion of a family of shoe designers.  His triumphant entrance into world-class design came in London in the Swinging Sixties, when he worked in King's Road at the Bally studio.

Walter Steiger

Mr. Steiger has several homes around the world.  The two in Italy, his primary residences, one in Ferrara (a former Machiavelli family palazzo), the other outside Bologna.  Walter Steiger has preserved, renovated and decorated both homes exquisitely, keeping them true to their time, but adding that extra special Steiger flair.

Girls, get your hankies, because your mouth is about to start watering!

#4530, $350

#4531, $315

#4388, $360

#4535, $315

Shoe: #4534, $340. Purse: #2257, $415
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