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Is it me or is everyone overloaded with video clips of Fashion Week(s)?  Here in New York, Paris, London, and Milan. Wasn't it all just too formidable for words? 

Those were the fall collections anyway, so toss all that aside for the time being, because now is the time to start contemplating spring clothes. And don't forget that really tricky transitional phase and what to wear during it -- late winter into early spring.  

Illustrated by Kathryn Martinez
1. First, from Gap, a ribbed cotton body tank. Available in peach, fuschia, light pink, light gray, white, light blue, bright blue. $16.50
2. Here's a great combo: first, a rayon-spandex long sleeve button down in lavender, fuschia, light blue, light pink, or white.

3. Second, a cotton tank with lace trim.  The body is pink with white polka dots and an aqua lace trim, or orange with peach polka dots and a pink lace trim, or pink with no polka dots and an aqua lace trim, OR aqua with blue polka dots and a purple lace trim. $16.50
4. A cotton-spandex v-neck tee with scrunching at the bust and shoulders. Comes in lavender, fuschia, navy blue, black, white. $28.00 

5. Last, a belt with metal hook clasps. Available in lime with aqua trim, orange with beige trim, navy with red trim, and aqua with purple trim. $16.50.
1. A casual chic business look: a cotton denim, knee length trench coat with red lining at the cuffs. $175.00 

2. A nice accessory -- a cotton bag with plastic square handles -- pulls it together. Red-orange or sky blue. $48.00 
3. Knock 'em over with this red button down, long sleeve shirt with folded detailing on the back and at the cuffs. $78.00
4. Coupled with light gray cotton-lycra pants (they kind of feel  like paper) with V-shaped 
detailing on the back of the knees. $88.00
5. The scrunched-up fabric look adds the necessary styling for this knee-length dark blue denim skirt. Folded detailing at the front pockets add extra style. It would go very well with the folded leather in the Mercedes S500 I don't own. $78.00
1. Now we're thinking BMW. Here's a motorcycle-inspired cotton-spandex-polyester denim jacket with zip side pockets. $64.00
2. Here comes the sunny stuff. First, a cotton tank top with  vertical-horizontal gray and pink stripes and a floral decal. Also available in yellow and white. $32.00 

3. I paired the tank with beige-black cotton  plaid trousers with a tab-front. $54.00
4. Combine the next two: an acrylic-nylon cap sleeved t-shirt with thick ribbing. Available in aqua, beige, lavender, black, or white. $34.00 

5. With the white cotton skirt with scribbled rose print. $42.00
1. Consistency is Ann Taylor's middle name -- always delivering chic, pretty and practical clothing.  Here's a knit cotton sleeveless sweater with rolled neck. Comes in natural white, pink, dark  brown, pale blue, or butter yellow. $48.00 

2. A lime-brown-yellow striped A-line silk skirt. $88.00 

3. And a snakeskin leather bag with a chain clutch handle. Black, brown, light pink, or light green. $78.00
4. I'm not recommending you combine these unless you are a trailblazer, but both deliver the goods. First,  a black silk semi-sheer wrap-around top with white-aqua-gray flower print. $78.00 

5. And the piece de resistance, a raw silk clutch bag with gold trim and clasp. Tan, light blue, light pink. 
1. You can just about see  the buds opening at BR. A silk-nylon top with contrasting trim at the v-neck and cuffs. Beige with black trim or black with white trim. $48.00 

2. A silk-cotton, knee length wraparound skirt. Teal, dark blue-green, or black. 
3. BR's Lyocel top with a shirred neckline. Teal, blue-gray, light aquamarine, and light fuschia. $44.00 

4. Knee-length pale blue cotton skirt with a print of pussy willows. $88.00
5. And finally, a pale light blue-gray cotton top with a tie at the side of the neckline. $58.00
See you soon at the stores!