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Hi, Gina, As a loyal reader of your newsletters, here let me extend to you my hearty congratulations and sincerest wishes that this website will become more popular without losing its elegant taste!

My best regards--Larry

Got (the newsletter describing the Madison Avenue) walking tour and window shopping. Thanks for sending it to me. Found it quite interesting.  I could picture the outfits and the stores in my mind the way you described them.  Thank you for giving me such pleasure.  


I read every letter from you with much interest as they are all written with grace and beauty. Thank you for the pleasure and knowledge you bring to me. I will do my best to recommend your site to my
friends. Here are my best wishes for you.


Kind Thoughts

Your site is absolutely wonderful!  I always enjoy going to it and looking it over!  I have told all my friends, and so far everyone I have spoken to has said they really like your site too!  Keep up the great work. 


I checked out your site and thought it was fantastic!


The site looks amazing (as usual).


I wanted to let you  know how much i like your latest edition. The cover page is very cool, and if i were a chick i'd follow your talented illustrator's advice and mix 'n match with affordable mall stuff. 


I've been tardy in telling you how fabulous your website is this month. I love the fantasy theme (as befitting a psychoanalyst, I suppose) & it's so refreshing after endless minimalism. Loved the shoes!! You really did an outstanding job this month, & should feel maximum pride. I hope you're getting zillions of hits.


Keep up the
great work, your site is a blessing to all.


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