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Images courtesy of Alain Mikli.

First of all, it must be said that Alain Mikli is Europe's greatest designer of eyewear.  Mikli has only one US boutique, on Madison Avenue, but his frames can be found in top tier eyewear shops everywhere.  What makes them great?  Each frame is striking; each stands out from the crowd on the shelf.  Mikli's philosophy of design extends beyond shape and substance.  Mikli's visions are technological as well.

Who but Mikli could mount a tiny TV camera on an eyeglass frame and turn the wearer not into a nerd, but into a high-tech Eurostyle spy?

When asked by Bono of U2 to create an utterly unique eyewear look, Mikli created an unforgettable orange wraparound.

In business for 20 years, Mikli seems to become more adventurous, more visionary, with every season.  And now, Alain Mikli has launched his first couture collection.  Fashion Finds is thrilled to show it to you first.  The clothing is stunning. 

When we saw the film Gattica, we were struck by the beautiful  minimalist costumes, intended to make each citizen a Xerox of the next.  None of that for Mikli.  He has created a next wave of minimalism that makes the wearer look distinctive.  The fabrics, colors, and lines are accented by utterly original touches.  When we see Mikli, we immediately want to wear him. 

The next two pages will prepare you for the clothing design to come from the Mikli studio.  Here's an answer to our game, "Who do you want to be today?"  Be Mikli.  Be less.  And more.