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Drugstore Booty
By April Reiger
A friend of mine used to use Chanel foundation exclusively.  And, of course, understandably.  Now this friend swears to me that she recently bought Neutrogena foundation at the drugstore.  She says she finds it as good as, or even better than, Chanel's.  At a fifth of the price.   So, does that mean she can put anything but Chanel on her face?  As it turns out, yes, she can. 

Drugstore makeup is becoming so advanced, and of such high quality and variety, that we don't have to rely on statusy labels to make ourselves gorgeous.

It got me thinking about drugstores.  The drugstore is a place I can spend endless amounts of time wandering through.  I mean, have you worked the cold remedy aisle?  I know you have.  Don't tell anybody, but the generic version of Nyquil's deep blue night cocktail beats a champagne cocktail to put me to sleep.  I call it my drinkie-winkie.

So anyway, I thought I'd list some of what I consider drugstore essentials, accompanied by some minor extravagances, that I've discovered. 

Maybelline Express Finish Nail Enamel in Diva Groove.  The Express Finish line goes on great, dries fast, and lasts an amazingly long time, without chipping and getting all gross.  It stays neat and holds its color, even when you're overdue to give yourself (or better yet, get) that pedicure.  The color is just too irresistable. It's grape with subtle gold glitter in it.  Very disco glam.  Wear it for breakfast and act like you were out all night.

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil.  Tea tree oil is an Australian product, originally used by vets for animals with skin irritations (OK, I know, just wait).  At some point along the way, someone discovered that it worked for people too.  Frankly, aside from a trip to the dermatologist, tea tree oil is the best defense against a zit.  When you see one coming on, follow the directions.   It's also good for other skin irritations.  Tea tree oil is definitely an item to have in your marble-floored bathroom with the full wall view of the ocean.  Or whatever.

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Antibacterial With Light Moisturizers.  Wow.  All you hear about is flesh-eating diseases, mosquitos loaded with encephalitis darts, and more horrors.  So really, you've got to keep washing your hands.  The great thing about this particular version of Softsoap is that it has moisturizers, so even though you wash your hands a lot, they dont get dry.   Even the He I've got around loves it.

Oil of Olay lipstick in Black Cherry.  A great semi-sheer stain, very much the color of black cherries (don't say obviously).  The lipstick lasts, has a nice texture, and the shade, which is both retro and modern, gives your lips a little extra glamour.  They've gotta have glamour.

Vidal Sassoon Conditioning Rinse Texturizing Formula, Number 1, Volumizing Texture For Fine Or Thin Hair.  That's a mouthful, Vidal.   But this is a good light cream rinse that doesn't leave any residue, and allows you to easily comb through your wet hair.  It has a light scent,  it's reasonably priced, and a little goes a long way.  Thrift is good, so you can go nuts on other stuff.

L'Oreal Eye Smokers in Shimmer and Rose Dawn.  These creamy, chubby pencils are extra nifty.  They are easy to apply, and they sharpen without falling apart.  I think both colors look good on the brows, under the eye, on the lips, wherever you like.

Say hello to Sure Ultra Dry Unscented antiperspirant and deodorant.  All I can tell you is, this is the only one that works right.   It goes on well, dries totally comfortably, locks up those sweat glands (which is probably good for them; who needs to stink?).  This stuff even holds up after vigorous exercise.

Maybelline Expert Eyes Eyeshadow in Pretty Grey.  This shade is described as "high pearl," which means  it has an opalescent, pearly quality.   Pretty Grey is a medium/light gunmetal grey, with a hint of pink in it, so it's not dull, but silvery and iridescent.  It looks nice applied lightly, heavily, or by wetting the applicator for an even more saturated effect.  Go play.

You've seen it forever.  Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, now with New Skin Protection Complex, with Vitamins A & E.  This version is an excellent moisturizer, and its scent is the one I like the best in the whole Intensive Care line.  We all deserve intensive care, but George Clooney left ER, so....

Oil of Olay Dual Eye Shadow in Tulips and Violets.  This dual eyeshadow is just a good mainstay of your cosmetic stash.  Combined together or not, these colors can make a statement for day or evening.  They also happen to not flake off, and they last a long time without creasing.  A heavy swoosh of pink under the eyelashes of your lower lid is something to study in the mirror.

This one's from the He, who was told about it by his super dermatologist.  Every drugstore carries it, but sometimes it's hard to find.   Ask for it.  The red Zeasorb is the finest, smoothest, most absorbent talc going.  The blue one, Zeasorb AF, has miconozole to fight fungus.  Eee-uuuu.   Boys need stuff like this, but don't let them hog it! 

L'Oreal Sheer Color Riche Lipcolor in Sheer Gingerglo.  What do you think L'Oreal means?  I never heard of Oreal in French class.  So what's The Oreal?  Who knows.  So this is a great natural-looking lip color with a hint of shimmer.  It's great for those of us who have very little color in our lips, and just want a hint of life when we have to dash out the door.  It's the one I always grab when I don't have time to think things over.  On the other hand, my mother always told me to be late.

What Sure Ultra Dry is to your underarms, Tone is to your body.  Excellent.  It's great for people with oily skin, because it has moisturizers, but it doesn't in any way leave your skin with a feeling of greasy slippery residue.  You feel really clean, without getting dry skin.  It's got a light scent, so it doesn't interfere with any other scents you may be wearing.  Combine it with Rosemary shampoo and Chamomile conditioner, and you can take two days off from the juice bar.

Wet 'n' Wild MegaWink mascara.  The color is moss green even though the label doesn't say so.  I've always wanted moss green mascara, and here's a version that's inexpensive, and stays on, and doesn't smudge.  It's also a flattering color because it's subtle, but it does give you a nice soft aura whether your eyes are brown, green, gray or blue.

Cover Girl Continuous Color lipstick in Smoky Topaz.  This color heads a little towards glam, with a hint of vampire Goth.   Stays on, applies well.  It'll still be there when you open the coffin in the evening.

Now, pay attention carefully.  Throw out your ladies' razor.  Get a Gillette Sensor Excel for men.  Your legs and armpits will thank you.

Next, Jordana Kohl Eyeliner in Turquoise, and Maybelline Smoked Kohl Eye Liner in Punched Up Pink.  You always need a turquoise eye pencil in your collection, and this Jordana pencil is just the right shade.  Lining your lower lid and upper lid with turquoise often brightens up tired eyes, and gives you a little vamp, too.  The Maybelline pink eye liner looks really fun on your eyes, brows, and lips.  It's a delightfully shimmery peppermint pink.

Ultra Glaze Liquid Eyeliner in Blue.  It's really a deep violet, and it's nice if you want to make a 50's and 60's eyeliner line on your top lid without it being really black. 

From The Oreal, L'Oreal Rouge Pulp Liquid Lip Color in Yearning.  Yearning!  My final advice: don't yearn, OK?  This is actually a terrific shade of dark lilac, and depending on how thickly, or not, you apply the color, it can work as a stain, or a deeper version of the lilac color, with a slight gloss, but not too much.  Just right.

So there you have the drugstore booty.  Have fun.  When you get back from the drugstore, play with makeup while you watch a Romance Classics or maybe Lifetime movie.  You don't need to actually look, because all the girls have 3 car garages and are in some kind of trouble.   Plus, you've already seen it.

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