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Right: Orbit, $135.
John Fluevog has invented a time machine for shoes.  Some are 40's retro, some 60's, some 70's.  Then there are his Jetsons-like futuristic designs, which seem to be an expression of the future as seen in the past.  One thing about John Fluevog -- for as long as he's been making shoes (and it's been nearly 30 years), he's gone for over-the-edge, eye-popping styling.   John is Canadian. We keep discovering super Canadian design talent.

So, here's a way to make a real "Who do you want to be today?" statement.  Get yourself a pair of Fluevogs, and watch the reaction.   There'll be one!

Some of John's current styles, over the next few pages.  Every shoe is a surprise.

Chop Suey, $140.

Swing Slingback, $130.

Strappy, $125.
jf12.jpg (21674 bytes)
Jetson, $140.

Peepshow 2-Strap, $139.
John Fluevog has stores in
New York, Boston, San Francisco,
Seattle, Toronto and Vancouver.
Fluevogs can be found in shoe stores

Fluevogs can be ordered on-line
at, where
the complete line is available.