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The Thorn Birds

Courtesy David L. Wolper
  • I loved your thorough interviews on The Thorn Birds. I was a young teenager when I saw that mini-series (Catholic all-girls school educated, so I was intrigued by the sinful acts of Richard Chamberlain's character) and loved it!

    A friend of mine at Mirabella turned me on to your site and I really love what you're doing. I'll pass the word.


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  • Gina,

    Fantastic article!!!  Congratulations!

    Best regards,

  • Thank you!  I so enjoy your magazine.  Keep it up.

    Mahalo from Hawaii. . . . . .

  • Hi Gina,

    I like your updates.
    My friend Colleen and I went to New Orleans for the opening of the Philharmonic Symphony, and I was surprised at how casually everyone was dressed.
    We went a few days early and saw the Southern
    Decadence Parade, got some great photos of the guys in
    drag, most were better looking girls than we are.
    She's trying to talk me into going again in January.
    We'll see, I've already told my husband that I'll retire there.
    Take care.


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Alexander Serafimov, and more....

  • Cool!  What a great find! 

    Lise Mendel 

  • The new issue was so beautiful! I especially really loved the Russian guy. What a find! Those salamander dresses were incredible. The site's looking really good - I like also that you write where to find the different designers. The sweaters were great too, & I liked the interview, especially what she was saying about wool. Also your tips about care of garments are really great & helpful. I'm the worst at trying to figure that out. Have been washing my cashmere, & now am going to stop.


Sergio Rossi, and more...

  • You're great to remember that I want to purchase Sergio Rossi shoes.  Are all his shoes ssoooooooo high heeled or can one wear his styles without breaking an ankle?  I will be checking out Saks.  Thank you for letting me know.  Checked out the article on leather clothes.  Very nice!  Glad you kept Roy Dupuis' audio interview.  Each time I go to FF, I listen to his lilting tones.  Take good care. 


Carla Dawn Behrle

  • Hey Gina!!

    Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I enjoyed browsing through your site. I have to go and check out Carla Behrle. I am a leather girl at heart.


Jeremy London

jeremy.jpg (9884 bytes)
Courtesy USA Network
  • It was a great article, really. I loved the in-depth way you referred to the wardrobe, set designs, even the dialect - most articles go something like: "Hot new face makes good on the saga of ... oh what was it? Anyway, he's really cute!" LOL This had the intelligence level we fans are deserved. (But it also added that he is indeed quite a cutie! lol And discussed his portrayal.)


Fashion Report From A Jaded Observer in London

  • Have you got this latest fashion horror over there of women wearing baggy cotton trousers in the summer heat (or what's
    left of it). They look quite good but have elasticated waists so they either garrotte them at the stomach or they're constantly having to hitch them up every few paces.

    The other horror I seem to have seen a lot of recently is acceptably plump ladies wearing tight jeans - which is OK. But then they wear these purse belts (or whatever they call them now) with the purse at the front so that it just increases the bulge.

    That's all from the London fashion front :)



  • I think the LeClerc and FACE Stockholm Indulgences feature is beautiful. The color choices are lovely and somewhat daring.


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