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Mother is located at
875 Washington Street on 14th Street.
212 366-5680

The Mother web site is

Outside your own room, your own home, where can you go when you have the urge to be your most outrageous?  You can go clubbing.  Here's where you can really be all that you can be.

Every club, every "party," has its own mix of dress and music style, its own regulars.

Downtown in Manhattan's west side waterfront, where the streets are still cobblestoned and the buildings raw with age and use, new clubs have turned a deserted area into a sparkling strip alive with party-goers all night long.

Mother is one of the originals down here.   Costumes are always required, the wilder and more original the better.  It's exotic, and to a newbie, a bit scary -- but not as scary as attending an event filled with third-string Vogue editors.  We visited Mother a few weeks ago for the weekly Gothic "Long Black Veil" party, and had a truly fun night.  Everyone was wonderful, loving every bit of the attention they could draw with their carefully assembled costumes.  We saw people ranging from 21 to, let's just say, much older than 21.  The music was great, the vibe joyful.  Join us on our visit to Mother, and meet the crowd.