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Photo at right by Dan Cooper.
Clothing by Ophelia Unbound can
be found at the following stores:

London Boutique in Manhattan,

Religious Sex in Manhattan,

Junk Man's Daughter in Atlanta,


Michelle Korn is the designer and owner of Ophelia Unbound.  Michelle says she designs clothing for women who want to express who they are, and who they want to be.

Thus our title, Ma Vie De Fantaisie.  Michelle's stunningly dramatic creations are the stuff of fantasy, and they inspire us to fantasize about who we might become, in the richness of our dreams, when we don a creation of Ophelia Unbound.

As we have pored over our images of her work, our mind trips became too strong to keep to ourselves.  And so we present the work of Michelle Korn, alongside the fantasy each inspired within us.

Over the next pages, there is a world of wondrous couture creations, and fantasies intended to delight.

Thank you, Michelle, for giving us the opportunity to imagine who we want to be today.

Marquesa Eduarda Carmella Alva walks in her garden.   She is a well-bred young lady.  By day, the Marquesa knowledgeably converses about Chinese porcelain.  By night, she roams the dark alleys of the harbor, seeking out unknown handsome sailors from foreign lands.
Photo by Miwa Nisho

Olivia is clairvoyant.  She holds seances for the Belgian glitterati.  Her past lives include being a courtesan for the French Sun King; a Japanese ronin warrior; and a sorceress in the ancient Celtic days of England.   Olivia obscures her face from her clients, so that they will not be distracted by her beauty.  Here she summons the deceased loved ones of a group of opium smokers.
Photo by Cheryl Korn

Michelle Korn.
Photo by Safra Fatimi

Nadia Romanescu is marrying a much older, impoverished Bulgarian aristocrat with a talent for love making.  She wears a dress her fiancÚ has had designed for her.  He envisions her as a perfect, beautiful bird in a gilded cage.  She is yet to discover, but at this moment intuits, that the bridal bed brings despair.
Photo: Spring 2000 Collection by Dan Cooper

Nigel and Maude Huddle-Lees are brother and sister.   Maude believes herself to be an alien angel.  Her passion for Nigel can no longer be hidden.  Tragically, his alliance with the dark forces compels him to love only power.  Nevertheless, Maude's goodness will free him, and he will be transformed into the British Chancellor of the Exchequer.  He will marry the famous Sloan Ranger Sophie Crofton.  Maude locks herself in the castle keep with her 7 peacocks, and orders Marie Osmond dolls from QVC.
Photo by Jafred Collins

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