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Clotilde is piqued.  She has been chastised by her mother for playing with dolls, instead of studying mathematics.  She must attend her parents' annual ball, which they hold in their Swiss schloss.  She will comply, but Clotilde rebels by painting a masque on her face.  Clotilde is convinced that she isn't really the daughter of the Von Kreuphausen family, but is, in fact, the twin sister of the Phantom of the Opera.
Photo by Safra Fatimi

Contessa Ilaria di Giacomo-Pinni had an epiphany at the age of 16.  She saw the path her life must take.  Her mission is to remain chaste, and found a school for the unwanted, imperfect children of her family's arch enemies, the Migliacchios of Vicenza.  Ilaria must fight off many suitors, impassioned by her crimson hair.  She burns their unopened love letters in a small pestle in her attic room.
Photo by Miwa Nisho

As an infant, Delilah was left on the doorstep of a kindly goat herd's hut.  At the age of 5, she was abducted by a mysterious Sheik, who raised her as his "ward."  He taught her the arts of love and seduction, including the dance of the seven veils.  Omar died in a duel with another Sheik over Delilah.  She serves no master now.  But she pines for the velvet touch of Omar's hand.
Photo: Spring 2000 Collection by Dan Cooper

Margarethe is to be the last of a series of high priestesses of the order of the Golden Dawn.  A Norwegian duke seeks her counsel daily.  One day, he implores her to ride him like a pony, shouting "This is the first day of the rest of your life!"  She, in disgust, resigns her order, and commands her novitiates to disband, move to Oslo, and study social work.
Photo by Katherine Gillen

She is the heiress to a plastic wrap fortune in Liechtenstein.  Rosamond annually stages a benefit golden oldies concert for Liechtenstein Awareness Week.  As emcee, Rosamond most enjoys introducing the Dave Clark Five.  She is dating Jay Black of Jay and the Americans.
Photo by David Brommer