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Tights at right by K. Bell.
Who do you want to be today?  A Templar knight?  A dappled-blue alien?  A Highlander clanswoman?  Fifi, the ankle-socked French maid?  A knee-socked witch from Oz?  A rhinestone cowgirl?   A ballerina?  Or, a contemplative Tibetan abbess?

You can change personae just by changing lycra!

Stockings are a great solution to a tight clothing budget.  If you can't replace much of your school wardrobe, or that suit you wear to work, or add new things to your closet, hosiery (which is stockings and socks) can transform and rejuvenate that same old look.

Let your legs do the talking:

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Tights by Zephyrs.
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Socks by E. G. Smith.
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Fishnets by Z Pantyhose.
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Over-the-knee socks by Leg Avenue.
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Tights by Gamine.
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