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These are some of my letters to Fashion Finds registrants.

I want to share them with all my new readers.

While they date back a year or so, I think you'll find them fun and informative.

Think Pink
"...Did any of you guys see Funny Face the other night on AMC (American Movie Classics)? The 1957 movie stars Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, and Paris. Funny Face is a delightful dance and music movie with pure charm. It is also the ultimate fashion movie, and a wonderful account of the fashion magazine zeitgeist...."

Sun-Kissed Provence
"...To create my Provence look , I envisioned a lovely Provencal maiden, juicy and ripe and healthy. So, I decided to create a Provence "maiden-goddess" look. I used products by L'Occitane and Chanel...."

Iíd like to give you a recipe for a simple yet wonderful homemade potpourri that comes from a wonderful wonderful novel by Maryilynne Robinson called, of all things, Housekeeping. Housekeeping was also made into a movie of the same title with Christine Lahti, and directed by the marvelous Scottish director Bill Forsyth. This is a must see; youíll love it. Itís on video. Hey! I just justified three ways to put off housework: make potpourri, read Maryilynne Robinsonís book, and watch the movie version of Housekeeping...."

Anything Goes
Any, and every, sort of style is in style. I love the freedom of choice. Is it the end of the fashion police? Who knows! If you want to be minimal, be minimal, be hippy, be ethnic, be rock 'n' roll, be gothic, be vintage, be neo-punk, be deconstructionist, be preppy, be traditional, be anything, at anytime, 'cause anything goes...."


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