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Dear readers,

As many of you know, my mother passed away this summer after a long battle with cancer. Her death created a chasm in my life, and in my father's. Many matters had to be attended to, people to notify, a service to be created and held, people to thank, and the long road of grieving that we are on, and that lies ahead. It's an incredibly difficult and wrenching ongoing experience with many waves and ebbs.

I realize that now is a time of firsts and lasts. The last days, the last words, the last, in my case, silent goodbye; the first fall without her, the first holidays, the first time, since I was two years old, that my mother and I didn't relish and enjoy the New York City telephone book size September issue of Vogue together. The firsts and lasts are everywhere and in everything. As she is.

I have said many times how great an influence my mother was and is. I started this magazine with her encouragement and inspiration. Every issue, every story has something of her in it. My mother was an artist, and throughout the life of Fashion Finds her art has graced our pages, as it does again in this issue.

It's only been 8 weeks since her death, and I feel I'm just starting to pick up the pieces of my life, focus my sight, get back in the saddle, pull myself up...the endless metaphors for how to learn how to live one's life in a completely different way. It's like learning how to walk -- all over again.

My mother drew this sketch of me when I was 3

This is a somewhat abbreviated issue of Fashion Finds, but included are the monthly favorites such as our Top 5 of 5 column with great fall picks, our Fashion Finds Angels, a wonderful poem by Dai Crowther, and several columns on a variety of subjects under the heading: From Gina's Notebook. We will be adding more features as the month goes on. Enjoy.

As far as fall fashions go, I like what I see. The elegant sophistication that is classic enough to not be a one season trend. I love the nouveau-retro (that's an oxymoron isn't it!?) 80's punk interpretations. I like the vintage, thrift looks, and especially the 40's influence I adore. Mix it into your current wardrobe, add a few things and give the clothes you already own a little lift with a small this or that. Also pins are chic again -- look in curiosity shops, ask your grandmother for a loaner, but try a pin. And, maybe some ankle strap shoes a la Joan Crawford?

Finally I want to thank all my readers and friends for their support, love and sympathy during this difficult time for me. The out pouring of affection and understanding has been overwhelming. I am eternally grateful.

Have a wonderful month.


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