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This month we're featuring new products and colors from T. LeClerc


and Face Stockholm.


Then some delightful hair ornaments from Yosca,

yoscamini.jpg (5369 bytes)

and finally, to make writing fun again, Milky Gels from Pentel. Jump


Well, we're sure hearing a lot about the "smokey eye" look this year, and the look seems to be continuing for fall.  We decided to do our own interpretation of the look, incorporating a good deal of color and boldness.  We love what's going on with makeup right now -- the myriad array of shades, types of make-up (eye gels, eye glosses, eye powders, eye sticks, etc.), and the freedom to use make-up in many different ways (blush on eyes and lips, hair mascara, etc.).  We encourage everyone, young and old, to step out and go for it -- have fun, have no fear -- and create different "aspects" of yourself.

Just because all of us here at Fashion Finds have brown eyes of various shades, we still love deep blue colors for the eye. Why should light-eyed people have all the fun?

LeClerc really makes the perfect shade of blue eye pencil -- Lazuli.  It suits everybody.

We paired it with their blue mascara, for an all-out dazzling look.

The orange lip color is not LeClerc; just a suggestion. Orange is blue's color opposite; we thought they would wow each other.

The art of makeup has always been one of Japan's traditions.  We were inspired by Japanese theater, primarily Kabuki dramas, to create this LeClerc look.
Here we used a traditional smokey eye effect, except we added LeClerc yellow color on the brow, and gave her milkmaid-pink cheeks and a just-had-a-raspberry-popsicle mouth.

T. LeClerc can be reached at 800.788.4731.

From Gay Paree we now travel north to Swinging Stockholm -- Face Stockholm, that is.

We associate Scandinavia with clean, natural, healthy beauty.   This is our fall take on it.  We also followed in the footsteps of the great Diana Vreeland and extended the blush all the way over the ear (another Japanese style which Vreeland greatly admired).

Well, let's face it, glam never really went out of style.  It's too much fun.  We can't spend our whole lives looking like Preppies.  We have to deviate once in a while.

Here's a great look from Face Stockholm that we think can be worn day or night, depending on your lifestyle.  The Karma eye dust is truly amazing, and has the iridescent qualities of a peacock feather.

Face Stockholm: 888.334.FACE

Yowza yowza Yosca!  Gerard Yosca has been an established fashion jewelry designer for 15 years.  His baubles have bejeweled a bevy of celebrity beauties.  We're a big fan of bugs around here, so we picked the cicada, moth and fly.  We're also crazy for coronets, and this one struck our fancy.  The floral headband (that has actual metal teeth to hold your hair in place) isn't just for brides.  Wear it to your physics class!  Purchase Yosca at Bloomingdale's, Saks, and Neiman-Marcus nationwide.
And last, get in touch with your inner child and buy yourself a set of these milky gel pens by Pentel.   The milky pen was all the rage with kids last school year, and now companies are creating all sorts of milky gear to go with it (paper, notebooks, penholders, etc.). Got milk?

Dulge in!



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