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  • Hello Gina,

    Just a quick note.
    I found your site while looking around the net one night. I am really not a 'fashion' type person, but I do run a website featuring big&tall mens clothing at At first I thought of   unsubscribing to your list because it is really not something I am that interested in BUT you are an excellent writer and I have started looking forward to your dispatches.

    So I thought I would tell you to keep up the good work. You have me reading about things I would have never read before (I am a blue collar worker from Texas with a wife and two kids).

    Steve Baker

I want to thank Steve for writing, and to encourage all of you Fashion Finds readers to register for our emails. --Gina



  • Who's the hottie on the cover?  He's very summer-y!  Glad to see a male cover-boy that's not necessarily a star or personality. Imagine if Vogue would put a man on the cover that's not Will Smith or Tom Cruise.
    I like it.


  • Hi Gina!

    Beefcake! Very bold of you. Very very lovely photograph, & even though very beefcake, not exploitation-seeming (as in what women have to put up with).


  • I love your site, especially the mall picks. 



Copyright Warner Bros.

  • Dear Gina,

    Thanks so much for the great article on the making of The Thorn Birds.  I've always been a big fan of Richard Chamberlain -- I saw him in The Sound of Music this summer with my three nieces.  Now I want to go and rent the T-Birds to see it again!

    Helen T.

  • Dear Ms. Cooper,

    The Thorn Birds was one of my favorite miniseries.  I read the book, saw the shows many times, saw the sequel, everthing.  I loved Rachel Ward and Richard Chamberlain together, and being a bit older than probably most of
    your readers :), I also enjoyed seeing old favorites like Barbara Stanwyck, Jean Simmons, and Richard Kiley.

    It was real nice to read what the makers of the show had to say about it.  I remember Travilla from the 1950's.  He was a big Hollywood name and did a lot of movies I really liked like The Rains of Ranchipur, and How to Marry a

    Thank you,
    C. Bartlett


  • Hey,

    I really liked the article on Lucie Idlout -- she's hot!  Thought her music was pretty cool, it was neat to hear it.  I'm not a fan of girl rock, but she rocks!  I hope she gets a record contract.


  • Dear Editor,

    I just wanted to write and thank you for the great interview with a fellow Canadian -- Lucie Idlout.  I really liked how open she was about her life and everything.   She's also really beautiful -- she's in great shape, and she has the most beautiful hair.  I want hair like that!  :)  I wish her
    the best of luck in her pursuit of a successful music career.

    Krista M.

  • Thanks for the information about Aesop hair care and body products.  I got the Violet Leaf Balm and it was amazing on my hair during the summer!  I really like the Indulgences column.

    Michelle Grossman

  • Dear Editor,

    I want to congratulate you for including a poetry column in your magazine.  It is a great opportunity for young and yet to be published poets to have a venue for their work.  Thomas Crowther's poem, You Are My Bower is a lovely
    poem.  Nice work.  I keep repeating in my head a few lines: "And when time springs the eternal promise, all shyness and birdsonged....  Equinox and solstice twinned..." Wonderful phrasing.

    Keep up the good work.

    Maxwell Tunney


  • I'm really interested in Jill Anderson's fashions.  She designs for real women, and we can feel good about how we look without feeling frumpy.  I liked every fashion you showed.  The suits are great, and all the clothes look really comfortable AND fashionable, that's the most important thing for me.  I also liked her whole life story, she's worked really hard and deserves a lot of credit.  Best of luck to her.

    Marianna Grassini

  • WOW!  Rebecca Rockefeller's jewelry is beautiful.  I'm totally obsessed with tiaras and crowns, and her's are gorgeous.   I love the combination of cool hippy mixed with total elegance and style. She's obviously a very smart and
    talented girl.

    I'm saving up for one of her goodies!



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