A ratings increase of 600% in the span of a few months. That's the story of The Wall Street Journal Report.
    In the mid-80's, I was enlisted by Michael Connor, newly arrived as head of television for The Wall Street Journal, to assist in the remaking of The Wall Street Journal Report, which had been languishing as a weekly half-hour. It had been determined that the outside production would be brought in-house. Michael said in his first call "I need you to show me how to do it."
    I signed on as a consultant, and quickly laid out a plan to power up the show. We presented it to Stewart Pinkerton, then vice president in charge, and got a green light.
    Consuelo Mack was hired as anchor. I brought in Hugh Raisky as set designer, after winning approval of my recommendation to shoot the show in the Journal newsroom. Raisky was a journeyman news scenic designer, whose work at CBS included election sets in the years when Walter Cronkite anchored.
    I selected Michael Karp for music, and directed (shooting and cutting) the show opening and graphic design.
    My work was done after the premiere, but the most tangible reward was that by the time of the Wall Street crash of 1987, ratings had improved 600% over the prior version, with no change in time slots or station line-up.

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