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Makeup by Grantley McIntyre
Hair by Seiji Yamada

Gisela von Eicken can be contacted
at her New York studio by calling

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When you first see jewelry made by Gisela von Eicken, you feel that you are seeing a museum object -- something found in the sands of the desert -- something ancient -- something that speaks of our shared universal past.

Gisela makes her jewelry from wire and stone.  Some is ready-made; much of it is custom designed.  Gisela will take a gem or stone and create an exquisite piece around it.  Or she will pore through her vast collection of materials, waiting for inspiration to strike her.  It doesn't take long.

Gisela will also create jewelry portraits of your pets.  Many of these items are especially cherished.

But for us, the experience of seeing Gisela's body of work worn on a beautiful woman, is a vision of a time long lost, and yet very much today.